After activating a hashflag for #AppleEvent, Apple has gone one step further on Twitter. The company has launched a custom like with a funny animation that appears whenever we press the button I like it to a tweet tagged with the event’s hashtag.

I like it, yes I like it

After testing this new measure at the event last September, “Time Flies”, Apple wanted to repeat this “California Streaming”. The animation shows, as we can see, a design similar to the same invitation, one that uses augmented reality very creatively to allow us to enter the Apple logo.

To be able to see the animation we just have to touch the like to a tagged tweet. The animation has not unleashed as many theories about possible new colors for the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 on social networks as the invitation itself did, but it is always something that attracts attention.

There must be very few things that Apple leaves to chance in a presentation like the one we will see in a few hours. From the name to the choice of colors, the event invitations always they are usually connected in some way with its content.

While we continue to develop theories about what the invitation and the animation of this afternoon’s event tell us, we will be able to give them I like it duly in the social network of the blue bird. One more reminder of the importance of the event that we will meet in a few hours.