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Lidl has put on sale the device that will make life easier for coffee lovers | Technology

Lidl has put on sale the device that will make life easier for coffee lovers |  Technology

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Our kitchens are filling up with devices and these are becoming more useful and make our lives easier, like the new Lidl electric grinder.

It is not the first time that Lidl has put on sale a product focused on customers who enjoy coffee the most and in its establishments you can find everything from a multitude of types of coffee to vintage coffee machines. But lovers of this drink will also find in the new device that they have put up for sale something very interesting.

We drink coffee in many ways, although you already know that the tastiest and most recommendable is the one obtained as soon as the grain is ground, something that is usually laborious. However, with the new electric coffee grinder, there are no more complications: just insert it and press a button.

This is a product from regular Lidl maker Silvercrest, who is also behind their well-known food processor. Which means that it is efficient, comfortable and affordable, almost 15 euros in this case.

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There are those who grind coffee with other equipment, but there are usually two drawbacks: since they are not manufactured for this purpose, they may be damaged and it is also usually advisable not to do it with a large quantity. Both problems are solved with this grinder.

Thanks to its design and 180W of power it has, it is capable of grinding coffee for up to 9 cups at one time, about 70 grams. In addition, with the transparent design on top, it is possible to monitor the process to leave it as desired.

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This grinder is super safe in terms of use. It only works with the lid on. to avoid any accident, or dirtying the kitchen. It has no secret: once the coffee has been introduced and the lid closed just press the button to do the process.

In addition, it has the advantage of not taking up much space, 9 x 19.5 centimeters with 601 grams of weight, and the design is very elegant and discreet in order to fit in any environment. Works by plugging in, not by batteries or batteries.

When it comes to price, Lidl’s electric coffee grinder sold with instructions and cleaning brush through the online store for only 14.99 euros. A unique opportunity.

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