Lidl has a hot air hanger for drying clothes and shoes (and it’s very cheap)

Lidl has a hot air hanger for drying clothes and shoes (and it’s very cheap)

Hanging out clothes in winter in many areas of Spain is a practically impossible mission. The cold, rain, or intense fogs that hit the country in these months prevent clothes from drying properly. To solve this problem, Lidl has a hot air hanger that dries clothes, and also shoes.

It is not the first time that the German supermarket chain has set its goal on drying clothes. Just last year, Lidl launched an ironing mannequin.

Now, these supermarkets go one step further by launching a functional and compact product that can fit into any room thanks to its small size. This hanger, manufactured by the brand of the appliance firm Silvercrest, has a more than economic price, since it costs only 14.99 euros.

Clothes dryer hanger

This dryer hanger works plugged into the mains, with a cable that measures 180 centimeters. And it allows the possibility of switching to ‘stand by’ mode when the drying process has concluded.

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In addition, although it seems small (it measures 41.8 cm x 20 cm, and weighs 550 grams), the dryer hanger allows hanging up to 5 kilos of clothes. The hanger is sold with 4 clips, storage bags, garment bag, and various accessories to dry clothes, or shoes.

Shoe dryer

Because in addition to drying clothes, this hanger doubles as a shoe dryer thanks to some accessories that allow the interior to dry.

Clothes and slippers dryer hanger

Clothes and slippers dryer hanger

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