Home Business Marketing “Licuachelas Mi Alegría”, a new viral “toy” made by and for millennials

“Licuachelas Mi Alegría”, a new viral “toy” made by and for millennials

“Licuachelas Mi Alegría”, a new viral “toy” made by and for millennials

We are in a time in which the generation gap and the resounding changes between the traditional and the digital are very evident, as well as in the relationship established between consumers and brands, since The millennial generation shows again and again how close, and at the same time distant, their interests and habits are from their successors, the centennials, reviving nostalgic brands from their childhood and consolidating them among the viral trends of the youngest, as is happening today with the “Licuachelas Mi Alegría” and the ingenuity of a TikTok user to revive the brand.

And it is that Mi Alegría, like many other products, among which Barbie, Tamagotchi, the Micro Hornito, Furby, Tetris and others stand out, are a sign of the emotional nostalgia that determines the longevity of a brand in the memory of its consumers and that Even though they leave the market, they live on in their niche community for several generations.

To understand how these connections between users and companies are created, Customer Thermometer and its most recent study reveal that more than 65 percent of consumers claim to have felt an emotional connection with a brand or business in their pre-adult stages and the relationships that are maintained, for the most part, are because they feel identified with the brand in some aspect of their personal life.

The main reason for this emotional connection, with 65 percent of respondents agreeing, is that the brand makes them feel that cares about people like me”; followed by 55 percent, who value how you are making a positive difference in the world; and 45 percent, who score how do you understand me.

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He gives “Licuachelas Mi Alegría” to his ex and it goes viral

A young woman went viral on TikTok after reviving the design of one of the most emblematic toys for the millennial generation and turning it into her own version: “Licuachelas Mi Alegría”.

And it is that the brand is known for creating small entrepreneurs, with playful toys and “factories” that allow children to experiment with professions and trades in real life, for example, with the chocolate and gummies factory, the chemistry laboratory, a kit for a beauty salon or, in its version most recently, a study for influencers.

However, it is the young people who grew up with these iconic products from the 90s who today are adopting their nostalgia and the branding of the brand to create their own adult “professions”. In this case, Pau Curl She made a “drunk” set for her ex-boyfriend, which includes candies, gummies, chocolates, a pink blender and the recipe to prepare the famous michelada inside the kitchen container.

@psicopaupaucheers♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Although the new product excited users for its care in appearing to be part of the “Mi Alegría factories” line, Internet users could not help but comment on the young woman about the brand’s values ​​and how “contradictory” these would be if her gift It was real, because they could not believe that she was willing to work so hard and give so much ingenuity to her ex-partner.

“All good but why your ex”, Yul RL

“I thought the first bags were croquettes”, Voucher

“Mattel is not ex-friendly”, Pau Curl

“All good but… and the beer?”, Edna Garduño388

“Hahahaha I need an ex like you Hahahaha”, Alexandra Gutierrez

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