It is a scientific fact that the user of an electric vehicle is more focused, calm and happy while driving. And with the new LEVC VN5 these sensations take on even more importance in the industrial and commercial field. We tell you its keys.

Every worker attaches great importance to his job. In the case of delivery men, couriers or any other type of employee who has a car as a private office, the comfort and efficiency of the same is vital to obtain profitability and satisfaction daily. Not in vain are many hours behind the wheel and the traffic is more challenging every day.

It is not surprising, therefore, that Commercial Vehicles have evolved considerably in recent years, reaching levels of performance, comfort and habitability previously reserved for passenger cars.

On the other hand, the future of the automotive industry invariably passes through electricity and vehicles like LEVC VN5 They have been conceived to meet the needs of a sector that in the field of sustainable mobility is still in an initial phase.

Versatile and sophisticated

When considering an electric vehicle as a private or professional means of transport, we always have the same doubts: will it have enough autonomy to cover my needs? How difficult will it be to access a charging point and how much time will I lose in the process?

Therefore, in the London Electric Vehicle Company they have bet on a formula that has the benefits of electricity, but disregards its drawbacks. The comfort, performance and savings of an electric vehicle together with the peace of mind of having the autonomy of vehicles equipped with a combustion engine.

This is what the new electric van from LEVC looks like: sophisticated, spacious and durable.

All this makes the VN5 a versatile and sophisticated commercial vehicle, which offers greater possibilities without sacrificing the high load capacity and reliability that every tool must offer the professional in their daily work.

How the LEVC VN5 works

As soon as we observe the VN5, we will be clear that productivity prevails over functionality, flexibility and sustainable reliability as basic pillars. But all this is of little use in the industrial field without a mechanic that is up to the demands.

For this reason, LEVC is committed to extended range electric vehicle equipped with a propulsion system with an electric motor of 60 HP and a battery that offers a capacity of 31 kWh. In addition, the VN5 features eCity power extension technology, which includes a 1.5-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine and 110 hp.

In the combined cycle of the WLTP test, the VN5 has achieved a flexible total autonomy of up to 489 km. and a range of up to 98 km. in fully electric mode with only 21 g / km of CO2 emission. In the urban cycle of the WLTP test with the Pure EV mode, the VN5 achieved an all-electric range of 122 km.

When every minute counts, nothing better than an integrated charging system capable of recharging the battery from 0 to 100% in about 30 minutes.

This means that in this vehicle we enjoy absolute freedom to plan the routes. We can drive through low-emission urban areas, go from one destination to another, or take longer trips outside the city, all without stopping or having our total autonomy limited.

In addition, on long journeys or when you have to stop to recharge, the VN5 offers the possibility of using a public charging point, being possible to use of slow, fast or ultra-fast charging points, DC (direct current) or AC (alternating current) loads, and multi-charge plug technologies.

No more wasting time looking for a compatible point, which translates into total flexibility between speed, price and comfort. When every minute counts, nothing better than an integrated charging system capable of recharging the battery from 0 to 100% in about 30 minutes (with fast charger of 50 kW and DC).

Total recharge flexibility

  • Type 2 / SCC connector
  • CHAdeMO connector
  • Two-pin connector

In the store

  • Slow recharge with a 3.5 kW two-pin domestic connector (8 hours) or 7 kW Wallbox with type 2 connector (3h 45 min).

At public charging point

  • Fast alternating current charging: 7 kW (3h 45 min), 11 kW (2h 20 min) or 22 kW (1h 15 min)
  • Direct current fast charge: 50 kW (30 min) with type 2 connector, SCC or CHAdeMO.

In addition, it offers three driving modes flexible so that the driver can adapt the driving profile to the conditions of each moment, thus obtaining optimal performance:

  1. Pure EV: It runs exclusively on the battery and produces zero CO2 emissions, making it perfect for city driving.
  2. Save: activates the range extender, which saves battery charge for later use. Perfect for: city-to-city driving where the driver chooses to reserve their zero-emission capabilities for another time or where all-electric operation is less efficient.
  3. Smart: automatically selects the power source for maximum efficiency. Perfect for daily driving without worrying about the driver.
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Business performance

A vehicle intended for the company must be more than just a technologically competent product, it must also offer the user performance and reliability.

In relation to the first, the costs are important and the fact of being able to fully charge the VN5 with an approximate cost of 3 euros, as well as having the privilege of circulate without restrictions of any kind in cities with an anti-pollution protocol such as Madrid or Barcelona, ​​is an almost definitive point in their favor.

Regarding the latter, LEVC has placed special emphasis on providing the user with legendary durability in its predecessor, the legendary London taxi, but adapted to modern times.

The interior of the VN5 is comfortable and practical, but also technological.

The monocoque chassis of the VN5 is Anodized aluminum, twice as strong as mild steel, but also lighter and corrosion-proof. The bodywork is made of sheet molding composite (SMC) panels, which provide superior strength and lightness compared to the traditional use of steel or aluminum.

All this results in better dynamic behavior, lower consumption, greater protection for the occupants and a higher resistance to dents and marks, something undoubtedly common during the intense daily traffic in the professional field.

That’s in terms of the VN5’s build, but the powertrain isn’t far behind in this regard, either. Its electric powertrain is made up of fewer moving parts than a conventional motor, so it suffers less wear and tear. So, the VN5 allows revisions every 40,000 km, which not only reduces costs and time in the shop, but increases productivity time on the road.

And to top it off, it is backed by a Full warranty of five years or 240,000 km., as well as a warranty of eight years or 240,000 km. for the battery. Less time in the shop, less downtime and higher residual value, that is, higher productivity and profitability.

  • Savings in fuel with electric recharge.
  • Built to last, so it spreads the expense over time.
  • Its maintenance costs are incredibly low.

Wide, versatile, adaptable

We are already clear that the LEVC VN5 is profitable and productive, but every professional wants their van to have a wide Loading capacity and allow different uses over time.

With that in mind, the VN5 offers easy access to a rear compartment designed to maximize space. With the VN5 you can optimize capacity and loading speed, achieving maximum storage flexibility.

Cargo area of ​​up to 5.5m3, with efficient LED lighting, can accommodate two 1,000 x 1,200 mm pallets, which can be entered from both the tailgate and the side door. For this reason, it is not only perfect for confined spaces in the city, but it also makes loading with a forklift much easier.

LEVC VN5: an electric van always ready for the job
One of the strengths of the VN5 is its load capacity and adaptability.

Thus, it is suitable as an emergency response vehicle, for city delivery or for visiting off-road construction sites. And it is that its easy access and configuration possibilities, added to its tremendous capacity to net payload up to 735 kg and 830 kg of gross payload – including 100 kg on the roof – make the VN5 a professional vehicle capable of fulfilling many different operational uses.


  • Loading height: 640 mm.
  • 60/40 asymmetric double gate.
  • 1128 mm lower opening of the side gate.
  • 938 mm top opening of the side gate.

LEVC works with the main interior equipment companies and after-sales suppliers with the aim of offering its customers all the interior customization possibilities, thus providing a van fully adapted to each client. Package delivery, utilities, facility management, refrigerated items, emergency services… no matter what, the VN5 meets any need.


A commercial vehicle must be, in addition to being efficient, spacious and robust, comfortable. The times in which the worker who spends more than eight hours working daily is forced to move around in an uncomfortable and limited space are over.

The VN5 has ergonomics and comfort suitable for all types of journeys thanks to a fully adjustable seat and steering wheel, the total absence of mechanical noise in the Pure EV or the practicality of all the controls and elements, which are within reach of the driver . Also offers interior and safety equipment relevant as:

  • Two-zone climate control.
  • Automatic parking brake.
  • Sensors and parking cameras.
  • Control and speed limiter.
  • Central touch screen.
  • Interior LED lighting.
  • Ample storage for objects.
  • Heated windscreen
  • Stability control system and ABS.
  • Autonomous emergency brakes.
  • Lane change warning.
  • Traffic sign reader.
  • Checking the tire pressure.
  • Forward collision warning.

In short, with the LEVC VN5 the professional can give one step further in terms of performance, profitability and efficiency. The path to an advanced, sustainable and electric future, also in the commercial and industrial world.