LeVar Burton returns to Picard and reveals a spoiler

LeVar Burton returns to Picard and reveals a spoiler

As the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation reunites for the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard, it has included the return of actor LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge, taking time out while promoting the new Reading Rainbow documentary, Butterfly in the Sky.

So for this reason, during an interview with Yahoo, he expressed his joy at being able to give geordi and the rest of the team Star Trek: The Next Generation a fitting send-off after plans for a fifth film after Star Trek: Nemesis fell through.

“We’re done and it was wonderful”said LeVar Burton about the third season Picard. “It was so good to be together. I mean, we’re all very, very close anyway. We try to get together once a year for Christmas, but during the pandemic we couldn’t, so being able to get together at the end of last year and The beginning of this year was great for us.”

“And then put on our spacesuits and play these characters again! We all thought the ship had sailed in a conscious goodbye. When we made our last film, Nemesis in 2002, we hoped there would be another one, and then things changed.” So this was a great gift for us. This season of Picard is a love poem for Next Generation and we get to see these people we got to know and even love at this new point in their lives.”

Additionally, Burton added what could be spoilers and some casting news. his daughter, Mike Burtonwill play Geordi’s daughter: “It was great fun on so many levels”Burton says. “I also get to work with my son: My daughter, Mica, plays one of Geordi’s two daughters. So the whole story is about the next generation of The Next Generation in many ways.”

Now that filming has concluded, Burton said he feels at peace with never playing Geordi again: “If I never put on a spacesuit again, I’m fine. I feel like I have to put a period at the end of this sentence and close the book. Now, if the book opens again, far be it from me to say no. [Risas] But all things being equal, I can honestly say, with my hand on my heart, that if I don’t play Geordi again at another point in my life, I’ll be fine.”