Legendary Edition gets a happy ending thanks to a mod

Legendary Edition gets a happy ending thanks to a mod

Last year came Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the return of Commander Shepard’s trilogy in remastering form, providing a new breath of fresh air for a legendary franchise that had fallen out of favor. Now even modders are working on new content for this space sci-fi story. And is that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Gets a Happy Ending Thanks to a Mod. A mod that already existed in the past for the original Mass Effect and that has now come back to life at the hands of another user who has taken the previously mentioned one as a reference.

Just like remember the PC Gamer portal, the Mass Effect 3 original ending It was highly controversial due to the lack of weight in the decisions we had made throughout the trilogy, with very few variations between choosing one ending or the other. The mod developed by JohnP incorporates all the Extended Cut content that BioWare developed, but incorporating more elements so that the conclusion of the story is as satisfactory as possible for the user. We talked about eliminating the Catalyst, maintaining the Citadel and the mass relay network, and of course keeping with life to Commander Shepard and his romance, in case you have it.

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The creator of the Happy Ending mod has commented that he is working on also make compatible the mod of the epilogue in the Citadel with the Legendary Edition of Mass Effect, which will serve as the perfect closing of the story and to say goodbye one by one of the dear colleagues who have helped us throughout the three previous games. He hopes to have it ready later this year. Remember that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition arrives tomorrow at Xbox Game Pass, although the mod (that you can to download here) is only available for the PC version of the BioWare game.

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