Another week, another set of news for all players of GTA Online. As usual, users of this virtual world will be able to enjoy a huge range of discounts, bonuses and double prizes in many of the activities offered by the game, and here we tell you in detail about what you can expect in the next seven days .


Lethal line presents a dazzling vision of the future, one in which competitors are shattered using the trail of colored light left by the Shotaro in its wake. If surviving solely on your reflexes seems difficult to you, there are also power-ups scattered around to help you tip the balance in your favor.

Whether you win or end up in a junk pile for participating in a round of Lethal line you will get triple GTA $ and RP.


The black market is still boiling in The Saints and in rural areas of Blaine countand, especially in relation to hard drugs. Complete cocaine and speed biker sales missions until September 29 and you will receive double GTA $. Respond to the extraordinary demand with a high-quality supply and you will reap a fantastic reward.


It is one thing to weave through traffic at speeds that take your breath away, but to do it while the police are driving? The Saints try to shoot your tires and put up barricades on highways and roads…? That is already another level.

In exchange for your audacity and courage, the members of the Club of LS cars competing in the chase series this week they will receive double reputations. Plus, just for playing this week, you’ll receive the Red and White Nagasaki Hoodie.

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Those who are in the top 5 in the CCLS Series for 4 days in a row they will be able to return home at the wheel of a Karin Previon. Members will find the CCLS Series in the “Interaction” menu.

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Do not forget to go through the test circuit of the CCLS to see how the curves take Emperor Vectre, the Karin Futo GTX and the Dinka Jester RR. You can also challenge your rivals to a tumult friendly.

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If you are looking to go to the dark side and face the law, take advantage of the 40% off the price of motorcycle club venues, as well as its improvements. In addition, all motorcycle club restocking costs are cut by half price this week, as are the cocaine production businesses and speed labs, along with their upgrades and modifications.

There are also discounts on various vehicles, from a remote control vehicle or a powerful three-wheeler to any tuner’s dream vehicle. You have the complete list below:

– RC Bandito – 50% off

– Vapid Dominator ASP – 30% off

– Rampant Rocket Tricycle – 40% discount

Dinka Vindicator – 40% discount

Last but not least, remember that game players GTA Online that link their accounts of the Rockstar Social Club Games and of Prime Gaming will receive GTA $ 100,000 just for playing anytime this week.


Via: Rockstar games