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Layoffs reported at EA after split with FIFA

Layoffs reported at EA after split with FIFA

A couple of weeks ago a strong announcement was made in the video game industry, since Electronic Arts and the FIFA they decided to split up to create their own soccer games. As in essence the game will remain the same but without the name it was thought that there would be no repercussions, but apparently that thought is wrong.

According to a report released by the media Kotaku, EA would currently be laying off several members of its customer service staff at the offices of Austin. To this is added that more than 100 employees could be affected, since many supported operations to FIFA 22. It will apparently be a move to execute after renaming your game.

Here the comments of Joel Knutsonvice president of customer experience at EA:

We are continually evolving to provide better experiences for our fans and are improving our support model.

He mentions that in order to reduce complexity and increase efficiency, flexibility and scalability, the roles in Austin and that it would also propose redundancy for similar roles in the office of EA in Galway, Irelandwhich supports European players.

The source of this medium said that this decision came after repeated complaints by the staff of EA Austin Y Galway of insufficient annual raises consisting of as little as $0.10 cents per hour. The strange thing about all this is that the company reported quite fruitful and satisfactory profits during its last fiscal year.

Additionally, the email mentions that 10 new mobile gaming customer service support jobs are being created that laid-off employees can apply for.

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Remember that the last FIFA by EA It will be released this year.

Via: Kotaku