Layla’s actress talks about her change in the final chapter

Layla’s actress talks about her change in the final chapter

In a recent interview to discuss the final chapter of moon knightthe actress May Calamawy and the producer Sarah Goher spoke about the importance of the rise of layla to become the scarlet beetle (Scarlet Scarab).

Goher said that Marvel Studios’ plan is to take the studio in a really progressive direction of thinking and ideas, and that seeing all of these characters come to life is like a childhood dream. In addition, he is aware that having this level of representation on screen is something that is going to have an impact on viewers around the world.

Layla becoming the Scarlet Beetle is something that is going to be a magical moment for a lot of people around the world. It’s great that Marvel is really at the forefront of this movement on this scale to make sure that everyone belongs in this.

Calamawy, for his part, also understands the importance of his character, although he admitted that he had to come to terms with it.

I actually had to take it in and think that I can’t represent all Arab women or all Egyptian women. I just hope that all Arab women can see and feel like a superhero, and that they have that space on a grand scale. I hope the people who can relate to Layla feel seen and excited, and the people who don’t are fine. There is space for everyone. I am only the first. There are many more to come. It is an honor. It is an honor to be able to represent or be from the Middle East and make that region shine.