Laura Annunaki presents the crossover “Hello Moon” #SailorMoon

Laura Annunaki presents the crossover “Hello Moon” #SailorMoon

The world of fan art, there are many types of art, not all have to be captured on a sheet or digitally, there are all kinds.

On this occasion, we will talk about an artist from the world of tattoos, who has already caught the attention of many fans from the world of cartoons, anime characters, a few video games and even completely original creations of her own.

We talk about the tattoo artist Laura Aguilar, better known on social media as Laura Annunaki, who currently lives in Los Angeles, but is Mexican and a source of pride for the country, since has become a worthy representative at the international level.

To date, it has more than 585 thousand followers on his official Instagram account, through which he constantly shares several of his fabulous works, which many have liked.

He has stood out mainly for his peculiar style, where he usually softens his creations, making his eyes bigger, rounding some figures or simply capturing chibi versions of said works; adding that he often uses a wide range of bright colors or pastels, and taking incredible care of the details of each of his works.

It is then that, on this occasion, it has captivated us with a creative design that fuses two great franchises of anime culture and Japanese merchandise.

It is more or less than an incredible tattoo that I call Hello Moon, and consists of a mixture of sailor Moon, already the world famous Hello Kitty, who is the official image of the brand sanrio and has many popular characters, shops, cafes and fans around the world.

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In this spectacular design, we can see how he merged both franchises, where he shows us the famous kitten, dressed in the uniform of sailor Moon, his iconic hairstyle of long blonde hair, using his brooch, his peculiar scepter, only with the face of Hello Kitty instead of the silver crystal, the tall red boots, along with Luna in a mix between the original luna and the famous kuromi.

Full of colors and details, we believe that this crossover deserves to be appreciated.

We will follow more works by the artist, as well as other more tattoo artists, keep an eye on eGamesNews.