Launch of a new Spanish startup focused on NFTs for the most newbies in the sector

Launch of a new Spanish startup focused on NFTs for the most newbies in the sector

From Spain they announce the launch of a new blockchain startup focused on the NFTs sector for this coming July 4, aimed at those who do not have technical knowledge for the generation of these digital assets, as announced by Minteandome in a press release to Cointelegraph Español.

The startup Minteandome announces that its first product that is the central axis of its high-end toolbox will be available on its website after the launch scheduled for next Monday.

Mint4All is the name of the tool that, according to the startup, will allow solving one of the fundamental problems in the NFT sector, what is the necessary technical knowledge for the handling of complex graphical user interfaces (UX/UI), an essential requirement to mint NFTs today in the main blockchain platforms.

This tool developed by the startup will be the first product and central hub of a high-end creation tools for innovators and creatorswhich seeks to improve current business lines, when managing and monitoring the creations of NFTs.

The main objective of Minteandome is to release the secluded potential that these assets have, since currently these non-fungible assets (NFTs) are limited to speculation and development as business models in a closed community.

Therefore, the startup will allow its solutions to be integrated, with the minimum possible code (low-code), or even with the absence of it (no-code), proposing the definitive solution.

Oscar J. Picazo, product manager for Minteandome stated: “The solutions created by Minteandome represent a paradigm shift in the current NFT market, we come from a sector where the profits delivered have led to speculative actions”.

The Mint4all tool allows any developer to integrate all the necessary functionalities to create and manage NFTs in their own systems, thus benefiting any company in a centralized way.

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As also stated for a Cointelegraph press release: “The goal is ambitious, to change the rules of the game and adapt the use cases of NFTs to different sectors in the personalized and simple way possible.”

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