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Cars with vegan interiors, the ultimate in ethical interiors

Cars with vegan interiors, the ultimate in ethical interiors

The rise of the vegan movement, which rejects products of animal origin or that have involved living beings suffering, is gradually creeping into the automotive world. Some manufacturers offer it as an option, others have declared themselves vegan directly.

The new generation vehicles will end up being almost all electric, either battery or hydrogen. In this direction towards sustainability, someone rightly wondered why not also do without the leather, if gasoline, oil or clutch discs had already been dispensed with in the future.

The leather usually comes from the skin of animals, usually cattle and sheep. Leather has traditionally been associated with high-end finishes, although materials such as Alcantara (lighter, stronger and more comfortable) make it the competition. The same for synthetic leather in general.

Volvo has announced that in 2030 its cars will not only be electric, it also means that they will be vegan, the first will be the C40 Recharge. In other words, we will not find animal leather in a future Volvo. Instead, other sources will be used, whether of biological origin or from recycling processes.

Porsche Exclusive leather interior

Automotive leather has its own. To begin with, the animals have to be very cared for and have wide spaces – without aggressive fences – to avoid any injury to their skin before being transformed into seats, steering wheel covers and gear knobs, etc. Depending on the model, it takes several cows to line its interior, like a BMW 7 Series.

But the pressure for a more sustainable world means that less “worthy” materials end up replacing leather, even starting from -literally- garbage. Recycled materials used to have a much more discreet role, such as foam padding for seats, where the customer does not perceive anything bad.

The next generation of vegan upholstery from Volvo, Nordic, will be made up of a textile composite made from recycled material (plastic bottles), from the sustainable forests of Scandinavia, and even from wine bottle corks. By 2025 Volvo wants 25% of the materials in its cars to be of recycled or biological origin.

Cars with vegan interiors, the ultimate in ethical interiors

Mixed upholstery

Vegans will appreciate that the Tesla Model 3 no longer has a leather-wrapped steering wheel, the same can be said for the standard vegan Ford Mustang Mach-E. For years BMW has offered Sensatec fabric as an alternative to leather, which does not have the same properties but is cheaper. Toyota also offers a vegan alternative to leather, the Softex.

Going for vegan options also has an impact on greenhouse emissions. For example, if several cows are killed to upholster a car, the animal’s emissions (especially methane) in its stools, a significant consumption of water, feed, etc. are also avoided. And if you start from recycled materials, you reduce the amount of waste.

In the long term we will see that the automotive industry will try to reduce its environmental impact to a minimum, reducing, reusing and recycling, especially in relation to the consumption of natural resources. The reduction of water consumption has been a constant in many factories for a long time, as well as the generation of waste in general.

Cars with vegan interiors, the ultimate in ethical interiors

Tesla Model 3

For example, according to the ranking prepared by the English site BuyaCar, the 10 most suitable models for vegans are: Polestar 2, Renault Twizy, Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Prius, Range Rover Velar, Ford Fiesta, Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Nissan Leaf , BMW i3 and Tesla Model S.

But despite this growing movement in favor of animal welfare, leather continues to be one of the favorite options for high-end models, both speaking of the same model, and of a brand itself. What’s more, leather upholstery sometimes becomes a mandatory extra in exchange for a higher level of equipment.

As long as manufacturers allow their customers to choose between leather of animal origin or any vegetable or synthetic alternative, the market will impose its law. It may one day be mandatory that there are no animal components in a car. For now, the easy thing is to have a Premium interior that is not vegan …

what it is and how to configure it on your GPU

what it is and how to configure it on your GPU

Both NVIDIA and AMD have their own management, monitoring and utility software for their graphics cards. In the case of NVIDIA, GeForce Experience was born many years ago as a complement to the usual NVIDIA Control Panel, providing users of NVIDIA graphics with an additional resource to be able to get the most out of their GPU, and in this case very especially in games.

What is NVIDIA GeForce Experience?

GeForce Experience is a complementary software created by NVIDIA with the aim that users can get the most out of games. Initially it was born as a mere tool for game optimization, allowing us to select the optimal graphics settings depending on the graphics card that we have in the system, but little by little new functionalities were included that allow us to go much further.

As we have said before, this software is complementary to the NVIDIA Control Panel that is obligatorily installed with the drivers, and is that unlike this, GeForce Experience is a completely optional installation and that in reality it is not necessary to be able to enjoy of the best performance with a GPU of the brand.

What can this software do for you?

GeForce Experience games

The first thing we come across as soon as we start the software is with a game and app optimizer. In the options (we will shortly tell you how) we can select the folders where we have the games, and the software will automatically detect them and, depending on the graphics card installed in the system, it will recommend some graphic settings or others. However, as you can see in the screenshot that we have put above, the thing goes further, since it will allow us to optimize the graphic settings automatically just by clicking on the Optimize button.

Set optimization level


Unfortunately, NVIDIA GeForce Experience does not allow us to configure each of the graphic settings individually, but it does allow us (by clicking on the wrench icon to the right of the Optimize button) to configure three parameters: the resolution, the screen mode (this is if we want full screen, window or borderless window) and the level of optimization to have a higher performance or a higher graphic quality, by means of a sliding bar as you can see in the screenshot above.

As for the graphic settings, by moving the bar you can see how they change, and although they differ completely from game to game (not all games can be configured the same), below we briefly explain what the main ones are about:

  • Resolution: logically it has to do with the resolution of your monitor, although it can be set to resolutions lower than this one. The lower the resolution, the more performance.
  • Screen mode: allows us to select between full screen (best performance), window or borderless window.
  • Anti aliasing: This setting helps smooth the edges of objects, avoiding saw teeth. The higher this setting, the less performance we will have.
  • Quality of shadows, textures, liquids: This setting changes depending on the game, but you will understand that the higher the quality, the lower the performance.
  • Global illumination, volumetric, Ray Tracing: lighting effects and reflections significantly improve the visual quality of games, but the higher the quality, the lower the performance.
  • Bloom: This effect makes the lighting effects look brighter. It only allows you to turn it on or off, and doing the latter improves performance.
  • Motion Blur: Also known as motion blur, it introduces some blur to moving objects. Turning it off improves performance.
  • Ambient occlusion: This effect creates realistic transitions between objects, lightening or darkening shadows in relation to the objects that generate them. Turning it off improves performance.
  • Anisotropic filtering: generates better details in objects and scenes, especially those far away from the user’s view. Turning it off improves performance.
  • Tessellation: tessellation increases the number of polygons in objects, so the higher the level of this setting, the less performance we will have.

Add games for automatic optimization

Optimize games

To “add” games for the software to detect them, you must click on the gear icon located in the upper right, next to the username, and access the “Games and Apps” sub-menu. There you can add the installation folders of your games (by default it already automatically detects some, such as Steam’s without going any further) and, by clicking on the “Search now” button, the system will automatically recognize all your installed games and offer you in the main screen to optimize them.

Automatic driver update

Update drivers

In addition to game optimization, the second fundamental tool for which this software was created has to do with the graphics drivers update. We can always go to the NVIDIA website and download the latest version available, but with GeForce Experience installed on the system we can do it automatically since the software itself will detect which version you have installed, which version is available, and will offer to update automatically (and without restarting the PC). To access it, click on the “Drivers” menu in the upper section.

Initially, by clicking on the Download button, the system will download the latest available version of the appropriate drivers for your graphics card. Once downloaded, the button will change to “Quick Installation” and “Custom Installation”, allowing us to choose the method to install them. If you choose the quick installation option, everything will work autonomously and in a couple of minutes you will have the new updated drivers, ready to go and without the need to restart your PC.

Additional tools and options

GeForce Experience Options

By clicking on the cogwheel icon (where we previously indicated to add the game installation folders) we find a large amount of information and options available, so we are going to explain them to understand it.

  • About: This section shows the information about the drivers, and includes some general information links such as the license agreement or the privacy policy. Also here we have a “Enable experimental functions” box, which if we check it will not only download and install WQHL versions of the drivers but also BETA versions.
  • My team: shows us a summary of the hardware configuration of the system.
  • Idiom: allows us to change the language of the software.
  • Functions: here is a summary of functions, and it will tell us whether or not they are compatible with our PC. We have the Optimization of games and applications that we have explained before, GameStream that allows you to transmit games to an NVIDIA SHIELD portable console, in-game overlay that creates an Overlay to, among other things, record the games, FreeStyle that allows you to apply filters to the games , ANSEL to enable this technology, and Virtual Reality that basically tells us if the PC meets the minimum specifications to run virtual reality systems.
  • In-game overlay: from here we can enable and disable this function. We will get into the subject right away, but in summary it will allow us, among other things, to create an overlay while we play to monitor the state of the hardware, as well as capture key moments of the games or make complete video recordings.
  • Notifications on the desktop: here we can activate and deactivate if we want the software to notify us when there are updates, or when we have obtained a reward.
  • Downloads: If you check this option, the software will automatically download new software updates.

The NVIDIA GeForce Experience In-Game Overlay


If you activate the “In-game overlay” option in the options menu, you will see a message appear saying that when you are in a game you can press the ALT + Z key combination to access its configuration, although a button also appears to access this.

GeForce Experience Overlay

From here you can carry out a series of quite interesting actions, such as keeping track of the performance metrics in the game (such as system or screen latency), you can take screenshots, access the ANSEL mode if the game is compatible, apply filters thanks to FreeStyle technology, and also make video recordings.

In the options, you can configure, among other things, to record a complete session of the game that you are about to play and then, for example, upload it to YouTube but you can also make a live streaming transmission (LIVE Broadcast) if you link, for example, your Twitch account. It also has the Instant Replay mode, with which you can take “clips” of the last seconds for your enjoyment. All this is configurable, both the video codec with which to capture and the time of the instant repetitions, as well as where you want the video files or screenshots to be saved.

This section is, as you can see, a very interesting alternative to using third-party software such as Open Broadcaster Software, although it is true that the options are more limited and you cannot add additional elements to the screen beyond the transmission of the play.

Fan is working on a Macross documentary

Fan is working on a Macross documentary

The series of Macross It is one of the most important anime in Japan. Created in 1982 by Studio Nue, this universe of highlights continues to this day. With almost 40 years of history, there are millions of fans around the world who want to honor this franchise. One of these is a French director, known as Jonathan Cordier de Mello, who needs our help to create a documentary focused on Macross.

Jonathan Cordier de Mello started a fundraising campaign on the Kisskissbankbank site. Here he seeks to obtain a sum of € 15 thousand euros to create DO YOU REMEMBER MACROSS?, a documentary focused on the history and legacy of Macross. Although currently this goal has already been reached, you need € 10,000 more to deliver us a version dubbed in English. Unfortunately, the campaign will end in just seven days, so this goal may not come true. This is the description of the project:

“The film will go back to the birth of Studio Nue in the early 1970s, to the productions of the first Macross series (1982-1983) and the film Do You Remember Love? (1984). Finally, I will discuss its American adaptation, Robotech (1985), produced by Harmony Gold. DO YOU REMEMBER MACROSS? You will explore many multi-archive interviews, as well as hundreds of images, drawings and photographs, digitized in high resolution and mostly unpublished outside of Japan. Once completed, it will be available for free on Vimeo, in a French version (and English depending on the level achieved) with optional English subtitles ”.

If you are interested in supporting this project, you can donate money here. The Macross series currently features several movies, series, reimagines, manga, spin-offs, and different types of adaptations. It will be interesting to see what Jonathan Cordier de Mello’s perspective is on this anime.

In related topics, the announcement of the sixth season of My hero academia. In the same way, here are the first photos of the live action movie of The Knights of the Zodiac.


Via: Anime News Network

Fan is working on a Macross documentary

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Find out why the influenza vaccine is updated every year – Mundodehoy.com

Find out why the influenza vaccine is updated every year – Mundodehoy.com

LaSalud.mx .- In addition to the coronavirus, another viral disease that can cause death is influenza, because if it is not treated in time it can cause serious health problems. Fortunately, the vaccine for this virus is available every year to prevent the variants from affecting the immunization of the population.

The use of any vaccine seeks stimulate the recognition of the immune system to the virus component in question, so that, when the body becomes infected, it allows the immune system a faster and more efficient response to defend itself against the virus.

According to the doctor Arturo Galindo Fraga, specialist in infectology, “currently in Mexico only inactivated virus vaccines are used, which allow antigenic recognition and the production of neutralizing antibodies against the virus. “

The influenza virus is composed of RNA genetic material and has the characteristic of presenting a high frequency of changes in its genome, known as drifts, which can cause the virus to evade neutralization by antibodies obtained with the vaccine.

These changes are what make it necessary to annually review the virus strains that are included in the composition of the vaccine, seeking that they coincide as closely as possible with the circulating strains to maximize the protection effect of the vaccination.”, Indicated the specialist.

Therefore, every year, the Health Secretary calls on the population to go and get vaccinated against the virus and remain alert to symptoms, which include very high fever, muscle aches, dry cough, sore throat, among others. In addition, it must be borne in mind that, even when vaccinated, there is still the risk of contagion.

Fortunately, today there are antiviral treatments that help counteract the disease. According to Dr. Galindo, at the moment there are three pharmacological groups in clinical use that had or are effective against influenza.

These groups are the Adamantanos, which lost effectiveness due to circulating strains. The Selective endonuclease inhibitors, which are effective against influenza A and B. The Ineurominidase inhibitors, in our country, the drug available in this group is the Oseltamivir, which acts on the main protein of the virus and blocks its replication capacity in the body.

Although there are mutations that generate resistance to Oseltamivir, the frequency of its presentation in circulating strains is less than 1%. This medicine must be prescribed by a specialist to ensure its correct use. In Mexico, the only laboratory that has it is Liomon.

Although science has managed to counteract the mortality of the virus, it is essential follow the prevention recommendations indicated by the authorities during this season.


The pilots ask Aeroméxico to complete its restructuring before the end of the year

The pilots ask Aeroméxico to complete its restructuring before the end of the year

The first of these calls on Aeromexico to “act quickly” to conclude the restructuring process with the exit financing package that is most likely to ensure an exit from Chapter 11 before the end of 2021, and “provide the company with the resources and the experience necessary to prosper as the main airline in Mexico in an increasingly competitive Latin American market ”.

“Although the company’s plan is important in the bankruptcy process, it is also important that Aeroméxico rebuilds from a solid position in 2022 and can grow the airline in the future,” says the letter presented to the Southern District Court. from New York.

In addition, ASPA considered that “it is imperative” that Delta – which to date has 49% of Aeroméxico’s capital stock – supports the terms and structure of the outbound financing package, and that it continues to offer financial, operational and strategic support to the company. airline.

Finally, the pilots union considered essential that the airline emerge from Chapter 11 with a majority of Mexican shareholders, as required by the Foreign Investment Law. “It is critical that the exit financing package fully comply with Mexican law by including a group of Mexican shareholders that can help Aeroméxico prosper as the company recovers from the pandemic.”

ASPA represents nearly 1,800 Aeroméxico and Aeroméxico Connect pilots, and is one of the five members of the committee of unsecured creditors in Aeroméxico’s restructuring process under Chapter 11.

Between July and August, ASPA sold part of the debt recognized by Grupo Aeroméxico to Barclay’s, in two transactions for 268 million dollars and 45 million dollars, which gave the pilots liquidity on these commitments.

Valentino’s hoodie that supports vaccination

Valentino’s hoodie that supports vaccination

The story of the sweatshirt caught the attention of Valentino’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli, who bought one with the caption: “Getting vaccinated is not an option” and shared it in a post on his Instagram account.

The hoodie was an instant hit with Piccioli’s millions of Instagram followers.which include celebrities such as actress Zoey Deutch, Instagram fashion chief Eva Chen, TV activist and entertainer Janet Mock, and designer Marc Jacobs. According to him New York Times, Piccioli bought another five more sweatshirts, the last of Cloney’s shares, and distributed them to friends, family and Lady Gaga.

Now it has been announced that Valentino is working with Cloney to produce luxury versions of this design, the same garments that will be sold for 590 euros, that is, about 13,890 Mexican pesos. From this version of the Times, noted that all proceeds will be to fund UNICEF and support the COVAX program, This initiative of the World Health Organization consists of supplying vaccines and supplies to the countries that need them to have more vaccines.

The “Vaccinated” hoodie also adds to the fashion trend with the theme of the Covid-19 fight that began in early 2021.

5 deaths that shook the Marvel Universe

5 deaths that shook the Marvel Universe

We present the 5 deaths that shook the Marvel Universe over eight decades, which defined the course of the history of La Casa de las Ideas

The Marvel Universe has given us over eight decades great sagas and memorable characters that have remained in the taste of readers, but inevitably, there have been deaths that rocked The House of Ideas.

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These deaths have affected different heroes, inspiring them to defend the innocent, or have led them down a dark path to bring justice in their own way.

However, a common factor of these deaths in the Marvel Universe is that their impact continues to affect the present in different ways, so we present to you the deaths that impacted the Marvel Universe

Bucky barnes

Marvel comics

While Bucky Barnes resurfaced in his Winter Soldier stage thanks to Ed Brubaker, the death of Captain America’s partner is an event that to date haunts Steve Rogers (in addition to justifying Marvel’s decision not to assign teenage companions to his heroes).

In the last days of World War II, after freeing themselves from capture at the hands of Baron Zemo, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes try to stop a drone, which would explode on US soil, so they both reach the plane, but Bucky throws Rogers into the icy waters to deactivate the plane.

Although years later Captain America was found in suspended animation, Bucky’s body did not appear, presumed dead by preventing the plane from reaching its destination.

Ben parker

5 deaths that shook the Marvel Universe
Marvel comics

Definitely the death that has most impacted the history of Spider-Man is that of Ben Parker, dear Uncle Ben, who became a father to Peter, after the disappearance of Richard Parker, his biological father.

The origin of Spider-Man would not be understood if the tragic night in which the wall-crawler, who was a television celebrity, was negligent in not arresting a thief in the studio, who later broke into the house of the Parkers, and murdered Ben Parker, who stood up to this thief.

Although Spidey was able to stop the thug, Uncle Ben’s death taught him that with great power comes great responsibility, a lesson that echoes in the arachnid’s actions to this day.

Gwen stacy

5 deaths that shook the Marvel Universe
Marvel comics

Although Peter Parker is currently happy with Mary Jame Watson, it is undeniable that another death that had an impact on the history of Spider-Man is that of Gwen Stacy, at the hands of the Green Goblin, in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man # 121.

Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker began their romance when they were both students at Empire State University, living moments of all kinds, although the one that had the most impact was the death of Police Captain George Stacy, who supported the heroic actions of Spider-Man.

Gwen’s kidnapping and death not only impacted Spider-Man fans, it also prompted a change in Mary Jane Watson, who became a more mature woman and supported Peter in his duel, to the point of becoming a couple, but the impact of Gwen’s death on Spider-Man is undeniable.

Jean gray

5 deaths that shook the Marvel Universe
Marvel comics

If the death of Gwen Stacy impacted the mythology of Spider-Man, in 1980 Chris Claremont and John Byrne presented us with another event that would reflect on the future of the X-Men, the death of Jean Gray, who adopted the mantle of Dark Phoenix. .

The X-Men sought to protect Jean, whom Empress Lilandra and the Shi’ar sought to assassinate. After feeling the Dark Phoenix emerge again, Jean chose to die before a Shi’ar laser, under the stunned gaze of Cyclops.

Jean has starred in countless encounters and disagreements with death, but the episode at the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga is still a death that affects the history of the X-Men and shook the Marvel Universe

Peter parker

5 deaths that shook the Marvel Universe
Marvel comics

One of the heroes that we never imagined would pass away is Spider-Man, in his Ultimate version, where Peter Parker fights a battle with several enemies, already with his identity exposed. To defeat the Green Goblin, Spidey crashes a truck into him, which explodes.

The impact of the explosion mortally wounds Peter, who dies in Mary Jane’s arms, but not before feeling relieved to save Aunt May, in compensation for not having saved Uncle Ben years before.

This death has repercussions in the Ultimate Universe, since without this event, Miles Morales would not have appeared on the scene as the new bearer of the mantle of Spider-Man, who is now already on Earth 616.

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Source: Marvel / Newsarama

The Secret Invasion is on SMASH and Marvel Comics Mexico

The alien race of conquerors known as the Skrulls has been infiltrating our world for decades. They have used their shape-shifting power in order to wind their way to the highest levels of government, the military… and even the superhero community. Is that five-star general who he appears to be? Is it Iron Man? Or is it the Skrulls?

Nobody knows! The Skrulls’ abilities defy all technological and mystical detection. Brother turns on brother and hero against hero as the Skrulls use their positions of power and the most impressive weapon of confusion to launch a massive offensive and conquer Earth! This has been going on for years in silence. But now, the full force of the Secret Invasion is upon us!

Marvel Major Events: Secret Invasion
Marvel comics

SMASH and Marvel Comics Mexico bring you one of the Great Events that defined the history of La Casa de las Ideas: Secret Invasion, authored by Brian Michael Bendis and the lines of Leinil Yu, in an event that is a benchmark for La Casa Ideas.

Marvel Big Events: Secret Invasion, sale

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This is how art adds value to brands

This is how art adds value to brands

Create strategies and actions that allow organizations to connect with their audience thanks to art, giving an opportunity to brands to increase their value and this Webinar explains how it is possible with the Branding Art.

It is increasingly common to see companies choose to deliver new creative product proposals to the consumer, where art predominates. Among its main reasons is to attract the attention of new customers, create special editions of products, position brands and differentiate your products or services from the rest through creative solutions. Nowadays we have seen big brands of international caliber that choose to carry out this type of strategy, and it seems to work quite well for them.

We have previously seen that over the years, more and more brands choose to implement art within their products, an example of this we have with Adidas, who recently was inspired to create a new pair of tennis shoes inspired by the Mexican art of the Talavera; or Mattel with the Barbie Day of the Dead edition and even Nike with its tennis shoes designed from Huichol art. Despite some exceptions, there is no doubt that the consumer opts for these strategies where art is involved, so they continue to do so.

The team of Merca 2.0 Magazine, brings you a Webinar where we have the presence of two specialist speakers from Mercarte:

Cecilia Bernal, founder and director of Mercarte, Branding Art and Cultural Management agency that carries out strategies and actions to link brands and companies with artists from different artistic disciplines and cultural venues, in order to spread art and culture within our country that has collaborated with brands such as Bonafont, Danone, Mercedes Benz, Apple, among others.

Laura Bazan, director of operations for Mercarte, who is an art historian and has been in this world since 2012, collaborated with independent curators of visual artists, later with international galleries, and who manages to work as a curator and manager of art projects for the National Commission of Public Textbooks , which has allowed him to take his work internationally.

Within this Webinar you will gain crucial information about the importance of trademarks, companies or projects, integrate art into their strategies for positioning and brand value thanks to the integration of art to the marketing world.

In the same way, they tell us a little about how they have done to implement the art before and during the pandemic with the intervention of spaces, products and experiences where the art and brands they have been protagonists. Don’t miss this Webinar to find out how brands add value through art.

“Winning by eleven goals in the Champions League is not easy at all”

“Winning by eleven goals in the Champions League is not easy at all”

Sep 23, 2021 at 22:02



The coach of Barça, Carlos Ortega, was satisfied with his team’s play in the Champions League debut at the Palau Blaugrana after beating Ukrainian Zaporoshye 36-25, and pointed out that “winning by eleven goals difference” in this tournament “and against one of the teams with the greatest progression in the competition is not easy at all “

“The team has worked very well on defense today and we could have broken the game already in the first half, but we made some mistakes. Even so, they also missed a lot of clear shots. Already in the second half we dominated from start to finish “he added.

The goal and Barcelona captain Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas He considered: “We played a very serious game, along the lines of the one we did last day at the Flensburg court. Perhaps we have failed in attack at times, but the defense has been very compact and that will not help us win games.”

How to Use Corel PhotoPaint? – Fill Tool to Make Gradients

How to Use Corel PhotoPaint?  – Fill Tool to Make Gradients

The interface of Corel PhotoPaint It is similar to CorelDRAW, that is, very intuitive and practical. Consists in toolbars, dockers, dialog windows, color palettes, and the toolbox that facilitate all your tasks and turn your designs into unique pieces.

If you’re a beginner and just starting to use this program, here are some tips on how to use Corel PhotoPaint, answer frequently asked questions, and talk about the fill tool.

Why do I need a manual to make a good gradient in PhotoPaint?

Corel PhotoPaint includes a wide variety of tools, bars and brushes, you can make all kinds of design, illustrations, and you can even add a watermark to your photos. And although these are great advantages, the truth is that they also it’s so easy to get lost in so many options if you’re just starting out.

Also, as in all trends, it is better to be subtle and apply them with light touches. Especially with one as visible as gradients. A gradient is nothing more than blending colors, whether a gradient succeeds or fails depends 100% on the choice of colors you make. For these reasons it is important to have a manual or guide, which help you select and apply tools correctly.

What types of fill are inside Corel Draw?

Objects can be filled with a solid color, gradient fill, pattern, texture, PostScript, or left empty. At the end of the menu you will have an option to open the color docker and from there you can apply both fill color, contour or border color.

One of the favorite options for users to create eye-catching fills in a simple way is to use interactive and smart fills, do you know what they are?

Create an interactive fill

You can apply a fill to objects using the Interactive Fill tool, this tool allows you to easily select Uniform Fills, Texture Gradients, Pattern Gradients, PostScript and see changes to the object quickly, updating the fill instantly.

Use smart fill

The smart fill tool detects areas bounded by overlapping objects and from them creates objects that it fills with the selected color, and can also be set to a specific thickness and outline color.

What is the way to use the fill tool in Corel PhotoPaint?

To access this tool you must go to the toolbox, click the Fill tool. If you want to fill an object, you must select it with the “Object selection” tool before applying the fill, click the “Uniform fill” button on the property bar, and voila!

Remember that, in addition, with Corel you can also remove backgrounds from images easily, and that if what you want is to make fills like a professional, now you just have to know how to apply it to make uniform fills or apply it to an entire object.

To make uniform fillings

Select “Uniform Fill.” If you use this last option, a window like the one you see below will open. You can see that you have three tabs at the top: Models, Mixers, and Paddles. We will start by looking at the Models tab of the Uniform Fill window..

how to make uniform fills in core draw

If you want to apply it to the whole object

This is extremely easy. First, using the “Selection” tool, select the object you want to fill. And then you just have to select the “Fill” tool to place it on the object.

What other tools help me improve a fill in PhotoPaint?

Corel PhotoPaint offers numerous tools that allow you to improve the quality of your designs. For example, you can change the resolution and size of your sheets or rotate and duplicate images. There are also tools that help improve our fillings, for example:

Modify fill opacity

In this way we can make a specific fill more or less transparent, modifying the opacity from 0% to 100%. Also, fill opacity only affects pixels, shapes, or text, without affecting the opacity of layer effects.

Describe how our padding is spread

Thanks to this facility you can see the areas of the sheet or object through which the filling you want to make is spread, before you do it.

Make a combination of colors to your liking

Choosing a color palette to use in an illustration, graphic piece or for a feed is extremely important. Fortunately, Corel allows you to choose the color combinations your preference, so that your designs are harmonious.