Lamborghini presents a discreet preview of a more special Huracán

Lamborghini presents a discreet preview of a more special Huracán

The latest from Lamborghini. The Italian brand presents a first advance for the presentation of a great novelty, which we will see in just a few days. For now, it is all a secret what surrounds this mysterious preview of which we only know that the company’s powerful V10 is on board and that it has all the earmarks of a much more special Huracan.

Lamborghini has an exciting 2022 ahead in terms of news. The new modern reinterpretation of Countach is already in production, but there are more models on the agenda of new releases, call it the facelift of the Urusand its sports version Performante or the exclusive Hurricane Sterrato and Hurricane JV Stradale.

One of these last two is the one that is found after the advance that the Italian firm has just presented, with the pertinent call for a online debut that will take place on April 12showing only the top of the imposing naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine that equips the access model to the Sant’Agata Bolognese brand, with a lot of carbon fiber on top. A propellant that completely and directly rules out Lamborghini’s luxurious and sporty SUV, and that focuses all eyes on the first of the sports cars on offer. It is the only one that has this block, and the one that is practically at the end of its commercial life in the market.

The prototype of the Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato poses in tests next to an Urus

A new Lamborghini Huracán hides behind the advance

Lamborghini has not given any details, but the possibilities are limited to these two options. The Hurricane Sterrato is a special edition that we have seen this past winter in extreme cold tests, with a higher ride height and with some crossover aptitude, in addition to some aesthetic additions that reinforce this image. And, since Porsche is also preparing an equivalent of its iconic sports car, it would not be surprising if it was ahead of the 911 Safari.

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On the other side of the scale, the Hurricane JV Stradale. We have also seen it in tests in the winter tests in the north of Sweden, a completely opposite option and with a more radical configuration typical of the highest competition, and in which the circuits They are their preferred habitat. This is another of the candidates to be the protagonist of the great event that the brand has prepared, very surely also a special and limited edition in units, like the previous one.

The two will put the finishing touch to a model, the Huracán that, despite its price, has sold like hotcakes, and with a substitute on the horizon that the brand has already confirmed that will debut in 2024, and in which electrification will make an appearance. Next year is reserved for the debut of the replacement for the Aventador, another one that is already in development and that is also confirmed to keep the powerful naturally aspirated V12 on board, of course with an electrified system that will make your hair stand on end.