NBA: Lakers vs Suns

The Lakers they started the season with a painful loss to the Golden State Warriors. It was not enough that Davis and LeBron marched above thirty points to contain Stephen Curry and his boys and now they are visited by some Phoenix Suns who are a bone. The team led by Chris Paul combines one of the best attacks in the competition with several defenders who can stop anyone’s production. The Los Angeles press has already criticized the team after the first clash, focusing on a Westbrook who was not very lucky on his first day in his new office.

The game is even and the odds do not let us see a clear favorite with both contestants quoting their respective victories at odds [1.88]. We believe, however, that the Yellows should react to their audience and to an opponent who already gave them a great distress last season by getting them out of the postseason. It is also clear to us that in the NBA with few possessions per game, betting that there will be more than 223 points in this clash is a winning horse to [1.88].

As we see the Lakers as favorites for the mere fact of playing at home and not disrespecting a man like LeBron James, we believe that a win by eight or more points at odds [3.40] It is a very sweet opportunity that we must not miss. We glimpse that the Angelenos will not be the organizational disaster of the first game and that the extra pass will be sought more with real specialists in it like Rondo or Carmelo Anthony.

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Finally, we like a combination that Betfair offers us that consists of a victory for the Lakers and that there are more than 219.5 points in the match at odds [3.00]. Remember that with Betfair you can watch this game and all the NBA you want live for free in our application. Let’s enjoy a great season of the best basketball league in the world.