Lada Lyumos in an amazing cosplay of Natasha Romanoff from Black Widow

Lada Lyumos in an amazing cosplay of Natasha Romanoff from Black Widow

The cosplayer community has a large number of options to make unique characterizations, among them, there is also the universe of Marvel superheroes, so today we will focus on a cosplay dedicated to one of the most beloved female characters in comics and the big screen with the MCU.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been quite a stir in the last decade, so this year may have a good number of films dedicated to superheroes, as was the 2021 with the Black Widow tape.

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Best of all, the avenger also plays a leading role in the most recent cosplay of the beautiful cosplayer model, Lada Lyumos, who offers us a shot of her cosplay dedicated to Black Widow, or rather Natasha Romanoff’s female character. , taken from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Lada Lyumos’s Black Widow cosplay has it all, and it’s characterization of the highest quality. The suit was crafted with great attention to detail, with the suit made up of many different sections and also featuring a combat belt, shoulder straps, and wrist straps.

This is a very good cosplay, as we would expect from a professional cosplayer like Lada Lyumos, who often captivates us with her amazing characterizations that she shares through her official Instagram account, where we could see how this cosplay was quite a success among Marvel fans, since in a short time he managed to get more than 9 thousand “Like” reactions.