Lack of inventory at Sam`s Club, protagonist of this Hot Sale

Lack of inventory at Sam`s Club, protagonist of this Hot Sale

The complaints in these five days of Hot Sale are the content that stands out in all social networks, especially Twitter. It is the case of a Sam’s Club consumer who exhibited the brand for lack of inventory when having to deliver a product that had already been sold.

The Hot Sale is a very important eCommerce campaign in Mexico because year after year it registers various consumers and thousands of sales, Well, users take the opportunity to buy any product they need from the comfort of their homes.

This year theMexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) highlights that it expects to exceed 18 thousand 557 million pesos in sales in 2021, as well as 15.6 million units sold and 11.9 million tickets generated the previous year.

Lack of inventory of Sam`s Club is the protagonist this Hot Sale

A consumer used his Twitter account to report the bad shopping experience with Sam’s Club after the brand canceled his order due to lack of inventory.

Through his account on the social network, the Internet user identified as @SimonSimonazo5
shared that he bought a laptop in the online store of the American brand a few hours after the start of the Hot Sale and after processing your purchase, the firm canceled your order.

The consumer shared the image of the computer he bought at a price of 7 thousand 799.03 Mexican pesos, where you can see the notification of the brand canceling the order.

The Internet user did not share what steps Sam’s Club took after canceling his product, so we do not know if they refunded his money.

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It is not the first complaint that is registered on social networks in this new season of the Hot Sale, where consumers have become more demanding every day with the brands they use and that do not make them live a good shopping experience.

The recurring complaints this week are the price increases before applying the long-awaited promotions or also the lack of inventory of the products in the stores.

As an example, the complaint of a consumer who asked Costco for a sanction for “mysteriously” running out of Apple products during the Hot Sale. Case where the user asks the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) to sanction the store.

There is also the complaint of another consumer who was disappointed in Mercado Libre for increasing the price of AirPods in the middle of the Hot Sale. Through Twitter, the consumer explained that he had been waiting for months for the promotions to buy some Apple brand AirPods in the Mercado Libre e-commerce store, but when the offers began, he realized that the price of these increased much more than before.

This only reflects the opinion of the consumer and the conversation that it generates in the digital pulse, for which Merca 2.0 requested the position of the brand in order to tell both sides of the story; however, so far it has not been received. The note will be updated in case of a response.

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