The strategy of expanding the market

“At La Insoportable we are very happy about this investment opportunity. After four years of developing and positioning our Harmonico gin brand, already present in seven countries around the world, we are redoubling our efforts to spearhead this new movement, ”says Delgado.

The company will launch two new brands in 2022 and will consolidate European and North American distribution.

La Insoportable, in its new distillery, will have first-rate experiences in place for the public, high-tech distillation equipment and specialists in fermentation and distillation, which allows to carry out the vision of the company with creativity, in the sense to offer the best of the best from Mexican ingenuity.

“Strategically located in San Juan del Río, Querétaro, near different vineyards and two large breweries, we have come to reinforce the spirit branch that has been created and to offer something totally different,” concludes Juan Carlos Delgado.