KONAMI Announces Castlevania NFT, Could Follow Metal Gear

KONAMI Announces Castlevania NFT, Could Follow Metal Gear

We are just in the first week of the year and it seems that the NFTs will be the new trend in video games, as Konami has just announced its first line of Castlevania-based non-fungible tokens. These tokens are part of their Konami Memorial NFT initiative and celebrate Castlevania’s 35th anniversary, so it is believed that Konami could continue with Metal Gear, which turns 35 in 2022.

In total, Konami presented 14 NFTs based on Castlevania scenes, soundtrack and artincluding the Vampire Killer theme, Bloody Tears, Circle of the Moon art, pixelart art, and some boss fights using certain items, such as Boomerang VS Death and Holy Water VS Dracula.

Konami released its first Castlevania-based NFTs.

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According to the official Konami Memorial NFT page, these tokens arrive in commemoration of the Castlevania 35th anniversary and auction a copy of each. The date for the auctions goes January 12-14, 2022, and you can find a guide on how to participate on the Konami page.

Those who buy the NFTs to the account of Konami Memorial NFT You will be able to see your name on the Konami website, but only from February 2022 to December 31 of this year. Konami assures that it will be possible to sell the Castlevania NFTs you purchase, but they are not responsible for secondary transactions.

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According to Konami, the Konami Memorial NFT initiative was created to make non-fungible KONAMI title tokens, so the company is expected to give the same treatment to other franchises in the future. However, KONAMI clarifies that acquiring an NFT does not grant you rights to the work and they could sell a similar (although not identical) one in the future.

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The first Metal Gear hit the market in 1987, so in 2022 the 35th anniversary of the franchise will be celebrated. Because of this, it is believed that Konami could launch Metal Gear NFTs, following the precedent they are setting with Castlevania. However, at the moment Konami has not confirmed which will be the next franchises to receive this treatment.