Koichi has a great connection with All For One

Koichi has a great connection with All For One

the sleeve of My Hero Academia has been very active now that the anime is on hiatus, and has just shared an interesting connection between the action series of Koichi Haimawari in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes with the development of All For One and the other villains heading to the main series i.e. koichionce again is an important link in the plot.

You see, all of this has come up within the latest chapter of the manga series, as everything seems to indicate that it is setting the stage for the grand finale of the spin-off manga, as well as exploring the aftermath of the Naruhata War a few months after it happened, and yes, it is revealed that while koichi he’s become quite the pro hero since we last saw him, he also made a big impression on the villains that will come into play in the main series.

And just as fans had previously watched during the course of the fight from koichi with the Number six at the climax of Naruhata Warboth hero and villain had rapidly increased in power as they risked everything against each other, even their own koichi was pushed to such an extent that his quirk had become much stronger than ever, and All For One he just kept pushing him to the limit of his power.

Since in the penultimate chapter of the series it is revealed that All For One used what he had seen with koichi Y number six to develop the same Nomu that attacks the Class 1-A on the USJ during the beginning of the main series, i.e. unintentionally koichi seems to have been a key piece for All For One.

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So, over the course of My Hero Academia: Vigilantesfans had seen a number of prototypes of Nomu what All For One had been developing and that were very different from the ones seen in the main series, and now, all of this is explained in the Chapter 125 of the series, as All For Onespent the months after the Naruhata War investigating the background of koichi and was shocked to discover that such an ordinary person could eventually generate the kind of massive power that he had displayed during that time by fighting.

Since they did not believe it possible to see an ordinary person, become a superhuman through extreme pressure that led him to alter his own experiments, and wondering what this kind of potential could mean in the hands of people, All For One puts even more into your research than Nomusince he needs a weapon to combat a potential army of beings with superpowers that arise from the population. It is right there, where he reveals the current model of Nomuthe same one we see fight against All Mightand reveals that koichisomehow inspired All For One to create the name more refined high-end that we see him use later, now it all makes more sense, doesn’t it?…