Koichi as Skycrawler in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

Koichi as Skycrawler in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

Now that the end of the spin-off manga of My Hero Academia has announced its grand finale, everything seems to be settling into the manga series My Hero Academia: VigilantesAs it’s only a few days away from saying goodbye, the manga series seems to be slowly putting everything in its place, and the final moments of the newest chapter have given fans their first glimpse of the new costume of Koichi Haimawari What Skycrawlerhis official pro hero name.

That’s right, now, the young vigilante was put to the test once again, during another tough fight like the many he’s already had within the series to date during the climax of the story arc. Naruhata Warto which he drew attention to all of his illegal heroic activity, but, the most recent chapter, offered him a way out when he signed on to become a true pro hero.

So at least in the final moments of the previous chapter they have caused koichi sign up to work as a fellow Captain Celebrityand with this which is the penultimate chapter of My Hero Academia: Vigilanteswhich takes place months after the fight with Number sixwhere they reveal that koichi has been working hard as a true professional hero, and that his base in the agency of the Captain Celebrity Set in New York City, fans get their first look at his true hero gear (meaning no more All Might hoodies!), within the final moments of the episode as he prepares to take to the field:

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The chapter 125 from My Hero Academia: Vigilantesthe penultimate chapter of the spin-off series overall, doesn’t focus too much on Koichi himself, as it reveals how Naruhata and all his old friends have moved on from all the chaos. caused by Number six months ago. It is revealed that he has pretty much moved on, as not only has his old house been demolished as part of an effort to rebuild the destroyed Naruhata in a better way, but Kazuho Haneyama he then reveals that he has been working hard in the United States.

The final moments of the chapter cause Koichi to be ready to help after a call from the mayor of New York City, and he has been nicknamed Skycrawler as his official hero name, so his equipment has also changed, while he still has a hoodie, and it seems that the hairstyle of All Might It has been slightly altered to appear more fluid with the sweatshirt. He’s also donned fancy body armor now, so he’s much more protected and seemingly stronger than he ever was as a vigilante.