A few weeks ago, the popular streamer Ibai Llanos and the professional footballer Gerard Piqué revealed KOI, your new team of eSports you will be competing professionally in different types of games, including Valorant. While he has not yet released the official roster, that will change today.

Via your personal account Twitter, Plains mentioned that there are only five days left until they debut in the competitive scene of League of Legends and Valorant, But it will be this Wednesday, January 5, when they announce the members who will make up the professional team of the FPS from Riot Games.

Plains He also said that he has seen close to 250 practice matches, and couldn’t be more excited to announce each of his members. Obviously there is a lot of nervousness within the community, but fortunately it does not take too long to get to know them.


Via: Ibai Llanos

KOI to announce their Valorant roster today

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