On January 31, 2022, the 64th Grammy Awards will be held. Along with renowned artists such as Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X, to this ceremony will be added Kirby, Nintendo’s adorable pink ball, who has his own nomination.

To be specific, Charlie Rosen and Jake Silverman, members of the group The 8-Bit Big Band, were nominated in the category of Best Arrangement, Instrumental or Acapella, this thanks to his version of Meta Knight’s Revenge, original composition by Jun Ishikawa, and which we heard for the first time in Kirby super star of the SNES.

This is the third time a video game song has appeared at the Grammys. In 2010, Baba Yetu, the main theme of Civilization IV won the award for Best Instrumental Arrangement with Vocalist. Then in 2013 Journey was nominated for Best Soundtrack for Visual Media. Let’s hope Kirby becomes the second representative of this industry to win one of these accolades.

In related topics, here you can check the trailer for the new Kirby game.


Editor’s Note:

The 8-Bit Big Band is a phenomenal group that has been in charge of making incredible covers of the best songs in video games. My favorites are the Tetris theme, Lonely Rolling Star and Jump Up Super Star. Don’t hesitate, give this band a try.

Via: Eurogamer