Kingdom Myths update 6.1

Kingdom Myths update 6.1

Good news has arrived for all the players of final fantasy XIVsince the wait is about to end, the new update of the patch 6.1 is near, and the next round of MMORPG content won’t keep you waiting any longer, as Newfound Adventure will be released April 12thas shared by its developers, as well as along with a preview trailer about everything that this update will bring to the franchise title.

Thus, the arrival of update 6.1 is close, since, in just 10 days, we will be able to enjoy everything that Myths of the Realmpart 1, will bring, among some interesting news among its lines: Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate), Crystalline Conflict and more.

During its preview, we can see a small sample of all the new content that is to come, especially in the live broadcast video released a few hours ago, where they give us information about the Producer’s Letter, where a little more is detailed about the news that this update will bring to the franchise.

The update includes new main scenario quests as well as a new raid. Your story picks up where the previous update left off, Endwalker and follows the Scions as they set out on a new journey, and just like the trailer released yesterday, it showcased some of the bosses players will face throughout the adventure, and showcased the cast in a series of what they looked like be pirate-inspired expeditions in search of treasure.

Beyond the new story, the update will bring additional support for solo play as well as a graphical update later on, it will also debut a new residential district called Empyreumwhere players can buy houses for their characters, so we are 10 days away from being able to enjoy all these new features.

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