Everything indicates that Killmonger will make his plan to conquer the world come true in the sixth episode of the Marvel Studios animated series What If…?

The first season of the animated series What if…? begins to line up to its end, and for the sixth episode a guest arrives who leaves us more intrigue than certainty: Erik Killmonger.

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Through their social media profiles, Marvel Studios shared the poster for the sixth episode of the series What If…? which would focus on Killmonger as Tony Stark’s ally.

If you remember the trailer for the first season, Tony Stark’s convoy is attacked in the desert of Afghanistan, but instead of being kidnapped by the Organization of the Ten Rings, Stark is rescued by Killmonger, who becomes his ally.

This change in the turn of history could elevate Kilmonger not only as the King of Wakanda, it would also help his expansionist desire aided by Wakandan war technology.

The inspiration for this animated series comes from the What If…? Comics, which were published since the 1970s, where alternate scenarios to stories we know were presented.

The first episodes of season 1 of What If…? are available on the Disney Plus digital platform.

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Source: Marvel studios

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