Keys to choosing healthy tapas and 21 options that you can consume without neglecting your diet

Keys to choosing healthy tapas and 21 options that you can consume without neglecting your diet

If we are trying to take care of the usual diet but we want to go out for tapas, we leave the best keys to choosing healthy tapas and we leave 21 options that we can taste without any guilt.

How to choose healthy and light tapas

Taking care of the quantity when trying to lose weight is as important as paying attention to the quality of what we eat. In fact the quality or the nutrients of the dishes that we enter the body, can determine how much we eat and be very useful when losing weight.

Therefore, if you want choose healthy and light tapas Here are some tips regarding its nutritional quality that can help control portions and not hinder our diet:

Choose options rich in fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are low calorie density ingredients that is to say, they have a considerable volume and due to their high water content and their richness in fiber, they do not offer calories in high proportions.

Also, fruits and vegetables they satiate the organism with excellent nutrients being therefore very useful if we want to lose weight.

For all this, we recommend choose tapas rich in fruits or vegetables or that they at least have a minimum of these ingredients.


Avoid fried alternatives

The frying It is a very common cooking method among tapas, however, if we seek to take care of the quality of our diet it is essential avoid or minimize them.

The fry add unnecessary fat and calories to food and in many cases, it reduces the concentration of vitamins and antioxidants in dishes. For this reason, we recommend avoiding tapas that involve frying and on the contrary choose baked, broiled, or broiled alternatives.

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Prefer tapas that include fish or shellfish

Both fish and shellfish are quality protein source that easily satiate the body. Likewise, fish with a high fat content can offer omega 3, which is beneficial for health.

Therefore, although we advise that fish and shellfish are not fried They are healthy ingredients that we should prefer to our tapas and that can fill us with healthy nutrients such as proteins, unsaturated fats and also, with valuable vitamins such as vitamin D.

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Choose tapas that include legumes

Although legumes do not have a great presence in most of the tapas, we can find options that include them and that is why they are more satiating and lighter.

Legumes are source of vegetable protein and fiber that They are very effective in calming the appetite and can help us eat less at the same meal, by promoting satiation with their nutrients.


Avoid tapas with commercial sauces, cold cuts or other ultra-processed

The presence of ultra-processed It is becoming more and more frequent in our usual diet and they are also frequently found in tapas, damaging their nutritional quality.

In order not to hinder the satiety process and take care of the quality of what we eat, it is recommended avoid tapas that include commercial sauces rich in sodium and sugars, cold cuts or sausages or other ultra-processed foods, how they can be determined in fried snacks and rich in refined flours.

21 healthy tapas that you can taste without guilt

Taking into account the advice given above, we recommend the following healthy tapas If you want to take care of your diet and taste without guilt this summer:


These are the keys to choosing healthy tapas and 21 options that you can enjoy without guilt this summer.

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