Keys for its timely diagnosis

Keys for its timely diagnosis
  • 40% of patients with this group of pathologies take more than a year to have the correct diagnosis.
  • Although there is no cure, there are various treatments available that must be followed for life.
  • Every May 19 marks World Inflammatory Bowel Disease Day.

One of the most important aspects in the field of health is to identify any type of problem in time. In this way you can start immediately with the appropriate treatment to avoid complications. just with the Inflammatory bowel disease diagnosis takes up to three years, which affects the quality of life of patients.

To continue with this topic, there are at least five million people in the world diagnosed with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease1. Within this group are the chronic inflammatory pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. Among the best known are the Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. These are conditions that, although profoundly affecting the quality of life of patients, remain invisible to society.

Now, the cause of this pathology is unknown, although there are various elements associated with this condition. Among the main ones are the genetic predisposition, certain environmental factors, the intestinal flora and an abnormal immune response.

main symptoms

For your part, the most important thing is to know the warning signs. Among the most frequent symptoms are acute diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, bleeding when passing stool and weight loss. All of the above can lead to a serious affectation of the general physical state. It also generates growth and development delays and extra-intestinal manifestations with a negative impact on quality of life.

Affected population in Mexico

Mexico currently does not have official statistics on people affected by ulcerative colitis (UCI) or Crohn’s disease. There is an estimate according to the patient records of different health institutions that show a approximately 160 thousand people in the country.

“One of the most important problems faced by those who live with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease is frequent bowel movements, which generates discomfort, as well as insecurities and rejection by those around them. This situation has a significant psychological impact on self-esteem and social integration” explains Dr. Francisco Bosques, founding member of PANCCO.“

How can it be identified?

Diagnosis is essential to identify not only the areas of the intestine that are inflamed, but also the severity of the lesions. This allows the most appropriate treatment to be started individually.

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The diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease must be made by a doctor with knowledge of the pathology. To do so, it must be supported by a physical examination, blood tests, stool tests and endoscopy, among others. Colonoscopy is the necessary technique to establish the diagnosis of this disease because it allows direct visualization of the intestinal mucosa and obtain biopsies.

A problem without a cure but with available treatments

Although there is no cure for this group of diseases, they can be controlled and favor their remission. It is recommended to have a multidisciplinary treatment and follow-up carried out by a doctor, gastroenterologist, coloproctologist, nutritionist, nurse and psychologist to obtain better results.

As with most health problems, from the first discomfort you should see a doctor. In no way should you fall into the self medication because it is counterproductive and can temporarily “hide” the pain but it is not a permanent solution.