While it is true that the reflectors of the entertainment industry are focused on Spider-Man: No Way Home, we must not forget that during December it also opens The Matrix Resurrections. The news of Lana Wachowski is also generating too much expectation, especially among those who enjoyed the first trilogy. We have recently been able to meet a series of details that undoubtedly say a lot about what you can expect from the feature film.

In an interview with the magazine Dazed, Aleksandar Hemon, screenwriter of The Matrix Resurrections along with Lana Wachowski and David Mitchell, cleared up doubts regarding the Agent Smith. We know that this character, who in the first films was played by Hugo Waeaving, is a key piece of the narrative. Will it appear in the fourth installment? Hemon claims yes, but not in the way many hope:

“Yes, Smith is, but they have a different role. It’s not what they would think. I can’t wait for you to see it.”

On the other hand, the writer anticipated that, in general terms, The Matrix Resurrections “it’s basically a love story”; He added: “It has this subversive dimension that insists on love rather than violence.” His words are important because it gives us an idea of ​​the narrative orientation of the film, and in the trailer there were already clues about it. It was evident that the relationship between Neo and Trinity will be key.

Regarding the music of The Matrix Resurrections, Hemon said that Lana Wachowski worked directly with Tom tykwer to select the topics that make up the soundtrack. It is worth mentioning that Tykwer is also the composer of the soundtrack. On the latter, Hemon expressed that it is “very intense.”

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At the moment, and based on the details we know to date, it appears that The Matrix Resurrections it will deliver what the fans expect. Of course, the most appropriate thing is to moderate expectations and have peace of mind.

The Matrix Resurrections the next one will be released December 22th simultaneously in theaters and HBO Max. It will be interesting to see his performance at the box office knowing that, even then, Marvel will have a giant in theaters of the world.