Kevin Smith thinks The Batman 2 is going to be much better

Kevin Smith thinks The Batman 2 is going to be much better

The Batman 2 isn’t even in the works yet, but Kevin Smith already thinks Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s sequel will be much better.

The last movie of Bat Man it is being a complete success. Both critics and audiences are very satisfied with the new adaptation of DC Comics they have orchestrated Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson. That means Warner Bros. Picturessurely, it will not take long to confirm Batman 2. In fact, there are already people who are talking about the possible sequel. In the last episode of Fat Man Beyondfilmmaker and screenwriter kevin smith He talked about the tape. And he came to give his opinion in a somewhat tepid way, believing that the second part will be much better, that he has high hopes for it.

«I liked the movie. It’s better than any Batman movie I’ve ever done. That’s all I can say«, explained Kevin Smith in the podcast that you can listen to on these lines. «I think the same thing I thought with Batman Begins. I’m not saying it’s exactly the same movie, but I had the same opinion as back in the day. When I saw Begins I thought it was a very smart movie and very well done. It didn’t completely blow my mind though until he became the Dark Knight«. But then what do you expect to see in Batman 2?

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Warner has not yet confirmed the sequel… but it’s coming!

«I look forward to what director Matt Reeves can do with The Batman 2.“, continued explaining the filmmaker. «His next Bat Man movie will surely blow my mind. And also the heart, if it follows the style of Begins and The Dark Knight. I think that has a very good chance of happening. In short, I liked this first installment, but I bet I’m going to love the second part«. Despite talk of a possible sequel, Warner Bros. Pictures has yet to officially greenlight the film. At the moment the study has officially confirmed the television series of The Penguinstarring Colin Farrell. Another series based on arkham asylum would be in development hbo max. However, everything points to the fact that we will have Batman 2.