Marvel Studios revealed more information about Black Widow one day after its premiere. Kevin Feige, Scarlett Johansson and Rachel Weisz raise the hype around the film.

The day is almost here. Marvel studios Y Disney They already have everything ready for the great and long-awaited premiere of Black widow. The film, which will show a little more about the origins of Natasha Romanoff, It will premiere this Friday, July 9. The film will be available on this date both in theaters and for users of Disney + with Premiere Access. So, to prepare to receive this great launch, the company’s chief executive officer, Kevin Feige, clarified several points.

The producer commented on the wish they had in store to make this tape. “We were waiting to tell the story of Natasha Romanoff years ago. It is one of the great opportunities after the Infinity Saga to show how Phase 4 evolves. With it, they will be able to see the past again from a new perspective “, he claimed.

In addition, the executive commented on the importance that several of the protagonists of this project will have in the next steps of the MCU. “We are sowing the seeds with new characters for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. People already know a lot about the characters, so we put assumptions there to contribute and we like to subvert that “added.

Finally, all the expectations of the businessman are in this installment, which did not hesitate to fill it with praise. “We are excited that people are going to theaters to see and experience this movie. So that they give him his place in the pantheon of the UCM “, he concluded.

However, it was not only he who was in charge of igniting the spirits around the production. Its great protagonist, Scarlett Johansson, he also commented a bit about it. “Natasha is a product of all the films we have made. Kevin (Feige) is the genius who thought of this big … In an unexpected way “. In the same way, Rachel Weisz She was brief in her statements, but assertive. “Marvel is creating something absolutely extraordinary”, he mentioned.
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All of these revelations, with behind-the-scenes footage and bonus content, were featured in a featurette from Marvel a few hours ago. Here is the official video:

Do not forget to enjoy the movie of Black widow this Friday, July 9, subscribing here to Disney +.