Kevin Feige anticipates the departure of Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Kevin Feige anticipates the departure of Chris Hemsworth as Thor

We had been suspecting it for a few weeks, when Chris Hemsworth said in an interview and in an Instagram post that he did not know if he would continue to be Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or not. He now he has explained in a virtual press conference of Thor: Love and Thunder that while there are many more stories to be told about the god of thunder, there are many other versions of the character “that we haven’t seen yet.”

Feige, president of Marvel Studios, has been ambiguous enough to leave the door open for more stories, but at the same time subtly suggest that it is possible that the Thor of the future is a variant or a different version of the one we have seen. to date with Chris Hemsworth.

“There’s something called comics that tell a lot of stories and all the new ones stem from that. Also, have we told all the great Thor stories yet? The answer is no. There are a lot more. We’ve always considered that the intent in telling our stories it is to continue with the life of the character, above all to give continuity to the experience with the actor and show them as part of a whole and not as individual parts. Mighty Thor (Mighty Thor), played by Natalie Portman, will not be the only alternate version of Thor that we will see on screen. Because if we stick to the comics, there are a lot of other incarnations of Thor that we haven’t seen yet.”

The inevitable departure of Chris Hemsworth as Thor and the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thor: Love and Thunder It marks the first time that Marvel Studios has made a fourth solo movie for one of its superheroes. With Hombre de Hierro either Captain America they were limited to their respective trilogies. But after the reinvention of the character and the success of Thor: Ragnarökthe house of ideas, decided to give continuity to that tone and that line that has worked very well for them.

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But actors can’t spend their whole lives playing ultra-powerful superheroes because the passage of time is inevitable, and creative interests can change. Although Chris Hemsworth has said and repeated that he would play Thor all his life, his departure will be inevitable.

That’s why Kevin Feige starts talking about alternate versions of Thor. In the comics he wasn’t always the same person, and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe he is no exception.

In fact, it’s probably the only real reason Chris Hemsworth is still playing Thor is because of how much of a change the character has undergone over the years. In the virtual press conference he mentioned it: “Over the years the basic elements of the character have remained, but he has also changed as drastically as I have. And he is the fun of all this.” The person largely responsible for this change is Taika Waititi, who was in charge of Thor: Ragnarök.

With Thor: Love and Thunder they intend to “turn up the volume” even more on this new version of Thor. This is how the director explained it at the press conference: “When I met Chris Hemsworth I realized that it is very difficult to label him. That is why it was a great challenge. I can say that because of his personality and his energy, he is the type of person who I would go on adventures with. Also someone you can trust to take care of you. Like a real hero. So I wanted to take inspiration from all those qualities and make a Thor that is more like Chris.” And he ended up joking: “actually the film is a documentary.”

Still, Chris Hemsworth’s days in the Cinematic Universe seem to be numbered. It may be a partial departure, in which the character is temporarily removed, giving way to other versions. And after a few years he comes back one last time. Maybe a bit like Steve Rogers/Captain America is rumored to be and that final return of Chris Evans.