Home Gaming KendelB cosplays Diane from Seven Deadly Sins

KendelB cosplays Diane from Seven Deadly Sins

KendelB cosplays Diane from Seven Deadly Sins

the sleeve of Seven Deadly Sins It has a very loyal community of fans, who were disappointed by the anime adaptation but have not lost their love for Nakaba Suzuki’s work. Thanks to this, Seven Deadly Sins cosplays are still very loved, such as the cosplay of Diana what did you do KendelB long time.

We first saw KendelB cosplaying as Diane a couple of years ago when she showed off her Seven Deadly Sins cosplay at KatsuCon, but since then she’s posted photos of herself on multiple occasions. One of the reasons is that it is one of the most well-received cosplays of hers, which is not surprising given the way she looks.

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The photos of KendelB in her Diane cosplay were taken by photographer Arcane Shutter, a Georgia native who is dedicated to capturing cosplayers of video game, anime, and manga characters. Although this photographer has not been active for a long time, there are other KendelB cosplay photos on his networks.

The last time we saw KendelB in her Diane cosplay was when she used it again to take a casual photo in her room for her social media, but her best portraits are the ones taken by Arcane Shutter at the KatsuCon convention.

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This is not the only time that KendelB has done a Seven Deadly Sins cosplay, because on one occasion we saw her in a cosplay of Elizabeth Liones, one of the protagonists and also one of the most beloved female characters of this anime. If you like Kendel B’s work, I recommend that you follow her on her social networks.

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