Anything that helps to take care of our teeth and gums is welcome, and here an oral irrigator has a lot to say.         </p><div>

Oral hygiene is very important if we want to avoid major ailments, hence it is highly recommended to visit the dentist every so often to check that everything is fine and, if necessary, do a mouth cleaning. However, with an oral irrigator you can easily keep your gums and teeth clean. In fact, we could say that it is the perfect complement to the toothbrush.

If you usually have food debris between your teeth when you finish eating and find that brushing is not entirely effective, then you should try an oral irrigator. What this device does is launch a jet of water that helps to easily remove everything you have between your teeth and, incidentally, also cleans the gums. With that said, let’s look at some of the best oral irrigators to show off a perfect smile.

Oral-B Oral Irrigator

Who does not know the Oral-B brand, it is one of the best known when we talk about oral irrigators. This model in question with Oxyjet technology from Braun, offers Big results when cleaning the gums and between the teeth. What’s more, allows you to adjust the water pressure with having a very intuitive selector. This model includes 4 Oxijet heads.

Morpilot Dental Irrigator

With three positions of use and one great capacity (300 ml), this dental irrigator is an option to consider for all that it offers. One of the positions is intended for those who have sensitive gums. The second position, normal mode, increases the power to eliminate that they do not just go. Finally, the third is by means of impulses and what it does is massaging the area for a deeper clean. By the way, it is worth mentioning that it comes with 4 nozzles.

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Panasonic EW-DJ10-A503

You may not know it, but among the many devices that Panasonic has in its catalog there are also oral irrigators. This model has a 165 ml water tank And it works wirelessly using two AA batteries. As it has IPX7 protection, nothing happens if water falls on it. Regarding the design, it is very compact and light thinking 210 grams. When it comes to using it there are two modes, soft and intense.

ELEGIANT Oral Irrigator

You do not always have to pay more to have a more complete product at the level of functions. Without going any further, this oral irrigator from the ELEGIANT brand has 5 modes, IPX7 protection and a water tank of nothing more and nothing less than 350 ml. To highlight a kid mode that is low intensity. In addition, it integrates a battery that is recharged by connecting a USB cable. This, along with its size, makes it ideal for travel.

Nicwell Oral Irrigator

Keeping cavities at bay and improving gum health is not a problem for this oral irrigator. It offers four modes of operation: normal, smooth, pulse and custom. It is also possible to adjust the pressure level from 1 to 8. The tank is removable for cleaning and the battery offers an autonomy of between 14/24 days on a single charge. The pulse rate is 1,400 times per minute and the nozzle is rotatable (360 degrees).