KDE Plasma 5.22.5 is here, improvements and news for your Linux desktop

KDE Plasma 5.22.5 is here, improvements and news for your Linux desktop

When we talk about KDE, we make it one of the most complete and attractive desktops for Linux that we can find. Not in vain we can find from widgets, to virtual desktops or other functions with which to be able, for example, to change the size of any icon, all with a more than noticeable visual appeal. Since the release of Plasma 5.22, KDE has continued to gradually debug its desktop to make it one of the most customizable and beautiful. On the eve of the release of version 5.23, they have released a new patch 5.22.5 adding a final layer of bug fixes and some improvements.

What’s new in KDE Plasma 5.22.5

Plasma 5.22 was released last June with the latest desktop version available. Now the guys at KDE have released their latest version of the series, 5.22.5 incorporating some improvements and bug fixes before the release of their new version. It introduces some improvements such as the utility «System monitor », which now does take care of correctly displaying the IPv4 address information when IPv6 is disabled, improves the «Export page«As well as the plasma panels to use the specific theme graphics with correct edges. Additionally, window maximization and full-screen effects are enhanced for re-crossfade.

Another feature that this version has improved is the graphical package manager «Plasma Discover»So that some elements that we find in the user interface show direct access keys when we access the information of the tool. We also find improvements to the digital clock widget, whose header now displays correctly in right-to-left text mode. The Task Manager tooltips for pinned applications disappear when you move the cursor over them, in the same way as all other tooltips. To check the complete list of changes introduced you can puncture here.

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Plasma 5.22

Now available for download

KDE has confirmed the release of Plasma 5.22.5 so It is available for all those GNU / Linux developers, they will gradually incorporate it into their distributions. Therefore, it is enough to be aware of the software repositories of our favorite distro so that we can update to this version as soon as it is available, so that we can opt for a better experience with the Plasma desktop.

This will be the last available version of the KDE Plasma 5.22 series, as the new version is expected to be released next October KDE Plasma 5.23 with new features and improvements.