Kawaki has become the true successor of Naruto… although not how we would like

Kawaki has become the true successor of Naruto… although not how we would like

In episode 230 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the inevitable has finally happened… and Boruto is no longer the protagonist

In the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime as in its predecessor, the main story fillers they provide more context regarding their characters, thus we learned Kakashi’s true past or his connection between Minato and the great ninja war. The most recent episodes of the anime provided key insights into Kawaki’s upbringing in Konoha, with an unexpected twist that shows us another unseen side of this ninja. Also, he’s finally had a break from fighting powerful villains, Kawaki finally landed his dream job with the Hokage, making him his possible successor.However, this milestone in his life seems to be a bit bittersweet.

After losing Mozuku on the medicine transport mission to the Land of the Seas, a dejected and disappointed Kawaki met Naruto at Hokage Mountain. At that moment, Naruto didn’t scold him or label him as a war criminal, instead he hugged him. In addition to this, he confirmed that Kawaki would be his protégé, he will accompany him and guide him (perhaps, until he becomes his successor). From this point on, he will accompany him on his important diplomatic missions, which left the young ninja stunned, “is this what he really wants?”

As he has made clear in other chapters of the series, he has always wanted a father like Naruto and now, he finally has one. But will this be the path he really wanted? This change would mean that the Hokage will educate him in a code of conduct that neither Boruto himself carried out nor the rest of the teenagers of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

Although, as an audience, it is very easy for us to see Kawaki becoming a disciplined and beloved young ninja by Naruto, at the same time that he improves his own fighting techniques from the hokage, there is a small problem with all this. In fact, he is already using flame and shadow clone techniques like his adoptive father, so he is getting closer to becoming his successor. In fact, since he still has Jigen/Isshiki’s alien DNA in him, Kawaki can even outclass the rest of the ninja with great ease, something Naruto can relate to given how strong he was with Kurama inside of him. But, his future can easily be darkened by the foreshadowing of the series..

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Kawaki could never become Naruto’s successor

As moving as the relationship between Kawaki and Naruto is, as father and son, it is inevitable to think about the tragic omen that lies ahead in their future. According to a flash forward of this work, Kawaki in his future will become humanity’s greatest threat and will destroy all of Konoha, and even in some of these scenes he has told Boruto that he enjoyed killing Naruto. For all this, It is not known if this future is real, a fantasy or if this powerful ninja will become a vengeful being and all his work as successor to the Hokage will be useless..

Whatever the case may be, seeing the relationship between Naruto and Kawaki flourish has a slightly cruel edge knowing what is to come because it will mean the Hokage will be stabbed in the back by his own foster son, protégé and who would become his successor. He has shown him more love and affection than his other children, Boruto and Himawari.. Even though Kawaki was at risk of becoming a weapon of mass destruction, his adoptive father continues to care for and protect him.

kawaki boruto naruto future

Boruto and Kawaki in the future omen

Naruto also went against the advice of his teammates, fully believing that Kawaki would be a hero, so it will be hard to see them become close only to break off their relationship in a violent twist to the story. Also, see Kawaki loving Naruto so much, but then turning against him and Konoha, it won’t be easy because it implies that this ninja will go through something that will shatter the concept of family that he has sought all his life. Let’s hope that this terrible future is just one more illusion.

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