Kawaii in her own version of Bunny Bulma from Dragon Ball

Kawaii in her own version of Bunny Bulma from Dragon Ball

The cosplayer community has a large number of options to make characterizations of series, anime and manga characters, as many of these characters are present in popular culture, as could be the case of the female character of Bunny Bulma from the iconic animated series. from Dragonball.

Something that has caught our attention is the popularity of the female character of Bunny Bulma from Dragon Ball, and that is that, in recent months, we have been able to see how various models from around the world have put on the clothing of this iconic character, who reveals the most daring side of Bulma, one that not even Vegeta himself could see.

Best of all, this time the cosplay was performed by the beautiful model Kawaii, also known as itskawaiikitten, on her official Instagram account, where we can see how she perfectly recreates Bunny Bulma’s outfit, wearing an entire outfit. that will steal the breath of more than one Dragon Ball fan.

Itskawaiikitten is a cosplayer who faces the challenge of interpreting this particular version of Bulma, which is partly reminiscent of the Playboy bunnies. Actually, the rabbit costume is often worn in Japan by all those characters that resemble rabbits, albeit in an emblematic way within the entertainment industry.

Bulma actually wears this costume very little during the series, but that was enough to make it iconic and popular with cosplayers. The costume consists of six pieces: a headband with bunny ears, a white collar with a red bow tie, a black leotard with a white cotton bunny tail, a pair of blue tights, a pair of red heels with ankle straps and a pair of white shirt cuffs.

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