Katykat Cupcake cosplay from Shogun Raiden from Genshin Impact

Katykat Cupcake cosplay from Shogun Raiden from Genshin Impact

Despite being almost two years since its release, the popularity of Genshin Impact and its characters hasn’t waned, so fan art and cosplay by some very talented individuals continue to emerge. We recently saw a great Shogun Raiden cosplay by katykatcupcakewhich also showed us a more revealing side of the character.

Asian cosplayer Katykat has long cosplayed popular characters in video games, anime, and manga, but has become known for the fan service that distinguishes her cosplays. The case of the Shogun Raiden is no exception, as we can see below.

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Katykat has actually played several characters in Genshin Impact and Shogun Raiden is just one of the most recent, so fans of the game may have come across some of her cosplays before. However, the others she has featured have not shown as much fan service as you can see in her next post.

As expected, the followers of Katykat who are also fans of Genshin Impact were surprised by the cosplay, since the game would never show us the Shogun Raiden in those poses and with such revealing costumes. The good reception of the cosplay could have been the reason why Katykat decided to publish so many photos in such a short time.

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In her two versions of Shogun Raiden cosplays that Katykat cupcake showed, we can see that the cosplayer can interpret the character with a lot of resemblance to the video game, as well as in alternate versions that serve to offer a bit of fan service to her followers.

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Katy is constantly posting photos of her other Genshin Impact cosplays, so we may just be seeing the first photos of her Shogun Raiden cosplay, so I invite you to follow her on social media so you can see the next ones as soon as possible. publish them.

If you are a fan of Genshin Impact and you liked the Shogun Raiden cosplay made by Katykatcupcake, you may be interested in seeing the rest of her works, since she usually interprets characters in a similar way to this one, showing a version that follows the original aspect and another full of fan service, as we see in her cosplay of Reika from GANTZ.