Kaddi makes us fall in love with a beautiful cosplay of Makima from Chainsaw Man

Kaddi makes us fall in love with a beautiful cosplay of Makima from Chainsaw Man

The cosplay community has great affection for many of the characters in popular culture, so today we will focus on the theme of Chainsaw Man, which emerges as one of the manga / anime of the moment and this cannot fail to be reflected in the cosplay field.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that her female characters have been very present in the minds of various artists and models from all over the world, so today we will delve into a characterization of Makima’s female character that really lets all of her shine. class and charm.

This cosplay was made by the beautiful model Kaddi, also known as kaddicosplay on her official Instagram account, who shows us the girl in the flesh. The manga written by Tatsuki Fujimoto stages a world in which the fears of humans come to life in the form of demons of various kinds.

In this strange and unsettling situation, Makima is an officer specialized in hunting “demons”, an expert and glacial fighter who becomes attached in some way to the protagonist Denji, highlighting him above all for his abilities to shoot down creatures, in collaboration with the Devil Chainsaw. .

Kaddi’s interpretation manages to perfectly reproduce the coldest and most calculating aspect of Makima, as well as of course his great charisma: from the pose to the clothing, everything is impeccable but also denotes a certain latent lethality in the character, although also in this case the sweetness of the model’s features tends to give it a different and more romantic touch.

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