Just Cause: Mobile It was announced this year along with a Hitman game, also for mobiles. Square enix announced during the presentation that we could play Just Cause: Mobile this year 2021, and that it would be released for Android and iOS. Now, a recent statement from the company reveals to us that the game has been delayed, and we will not see until next year.

A) Yes confirmed by Square Enix through a tweet on the official account of Just Cause: Mobile. In the statement, the company is sure to be grateful to its community for all the passion that they have shown by Just Cause: Mobile, and that they understand that the news may be disappointing, however, the pandemic has left you with no choice to the team that the delay the game until 2022.

“We have had to adapt to new work measures and this has resulted in delays to our development schedule. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to delay the global launch of Just Cause: Mobile until 2022 ”, reports Square Enix from its statement.

Just Cause: Mobile will be available in iOS and Android sometime next year. As we know, the game will be free-to-play, and we can explore three open worlds in-game, in addition to enjoying an entire campaign starring ancient characters by Just Cause. Of course, the game will also have components multiplayer. Stay tuned for the next updates!

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