Jump!: Everything you need to know about the technology conference for LATAM

Jump!: Everything you need to know about the technology conference for LATAM

Jump!, a technology conference centralized in Latin America, arrives at the end of the month and we tell you everything you need to know in this note!

The fourth edition of the Jump!a conference with a perspective of diversity, equity and centralized inclusion for the Latin American public. During three editions, the conference brought together more than 5400 people and this year will be no exception. The main objective of Jump! is to democratize knowledge in technology. But this is not all, since the conference has the support of various communities and companies in the sector such as: IBM, Amazon Web Services, Intive, Google, Globant, Cognizant Softvision, Red Hat, Codear, Las de Sistemas, ALT Cooperativa, NUCBA, MIT, Trans Argentixs, among others.

The slogan of the conference is: Connect, learn, share and generate new opportunities! In the Jump! there will be technical workshops, conferences, raffles, music and much more. But, What themes are the ones that can be enjoyed in the Jump? IArtificial intelligence, Security, Cloud, Robotics, Technology development, Design, Big Data, Blockchain, Programmingare just some of the topics that can be explored.


The idea comes from Average Girlsa group that from 2015 works to transform science and technology into a space for the empowerment of women, enabling accessibility and democratizing knowledge, in a context of accelerating digital transformation. The creation of Average Girls It arises from the problem that exists between the digital divide and the underrepresentation of women in science and technology. This problem crosses different sectors of technology and its development. Not only are there obstacles to access, permanence and managementbut the women who occupy these sectors are not made visible.

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That is why Average Girls decided to launch Jump!, a conference where everyone can register for free. Thanks to Jump!many may discover some things related to technology that they did not know or decide whether to continue investing in the studies of the branch of technology that catches their attention and they have not yet dared to discover. Jump! arrives this May 27 and you can sign up for this link. The conference will be on the page of Jump Youtube!