Juan Gabriel will be back on stage on the occasion of the Day of the Dead and will give a streaming concert with other artists and friends from beyond, thanks to Deep Fake technology.

Cerveza Victoria reaffirms its interest in bringing people closer to one of the most important traditions in Mexico, through a concert. ‘The voice of the reunion’ is the name of the tribute concert by Cerveza Victoria on the occasion of the Day of the Dead. The event will feature the participation of Lila Downs, María José and Moderatto, in a duet with Juan Gabriel.

The event will be led by the dear and dear Cantinflas and Blue Demon, who will accompany Juan Gabriel in this reunion journey from the hereafter.

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'Juanga' is back and will give a streaming concert with Deep Fake

“For the first time, Cerveza Victoria from the hand of technology brings back the most chingones of Mexico for a night for a reunion between artists who are no longer with those who are still with us. “can be read in the statement.

How they managed to bring ‘Juanga’ from the beyond with Deep Fake

'Juanga' is back and will give a streaming concert with Deep Fake

‘La Voz del Reencuentro’ will be a concert never seen before in Mexico, is a tribute that will bring Juan Gabriel for one more night in a duet with iconic Mexican artists, to perform his favorite songs with him, as well as a song from his individual repertoire.

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For the realization of this unforgettable concert, Cerveza Victoria collaborated with Reality Kraft. They used the most advanced deep fake technology, which allows bringing people back through digital programming.

This was achieved by gathering hundreds of historical content of the characters, such as photographs, video material and audios, resulting in a tribute concert that all Mexicans will be able to enjoy on Día de Muertos.

How to see the concert ‘La Voz del Reencuentro’

'Juanga' is back and will give a streaming concert with Deep Fake

Victoria Beer seeks to promote the pride of our roots and celebrate our traditions such as the Day of the Dead, with a concert as a tribute to Juan Gabriel.

‘La Voz del Reencuentro’ will air on November 2 through Channel 5, Channel 7 and also by streaming from the 22 hours through this link to the official page of La voz del reencuentro; and on November 3 it will be available on Pluto TV starting at 10:00 hrs.