Jon Prosser has completely leaked the design of the iPhone 14 a year before its introduction.

We are on the verge of knowing the iPhone 13 and it has just leak the possible design of the iPhone 14, which will be presented around the same time in 2022. Jon Prosser has revealed a lot of information and has shared some images that recreate what the device will be like. And it is spectacular.

The Prosser’s theoretical iPhone 14 looks spectacular, limiting the majority of bugs that we find in the current iPhone. The overall design will remain straight, but the resemblances to the iPhone 4 will be even more exaggerated.

On the one hand, the notch disappears completely and we only see a small hole in the screen for the camera. And what about Face ID? Well, according to Prosser, it is still present but in the iPhone 14 all the sensors of Apple’s advanced facial recognition will be located under the screen. This leaves us an iPhone 14 with a spectacular front.

The iPhone 14 will not have a notch

In the back we also have news, the cameras are completely flush with the body of the device, something that does not happen from the iPhone 5s. These will make the iPhone 14 could be somewhat thicker, but in return we will also gain a larger battery.

But that’s not all. Apple will change the material used instead of stainless steel for the frames will use titanium in the iPhone 14, something we had already heard rumors about. Also, in a clear design nod to the iPhone 4, the volume buttons will become circular again. In addition, we continue to maintain the lightning connector.

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iPhone 14 and iPhone 4
The iPhone 14 will be a modern version of the iPhone 4

Jon Prosser has even shared a iPhone 14 3D model that we can see with augmented reality from our iPhone, and shared the wallpapers that they have created for this iPhone 14.

IPhone 14 concept

All these leaks correspond to the course iPhone 14 Pro Max, so it is possible that the input versions do not have all these new features. Prosser claims to have seen actual images and schematics, which he shared with Ian Zelbo to create these 3D images to protect the sources. Of course, it must be borne in mind that there’s still a year left, so many things could change.

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