David Ayer shared on his social networks two unpublished images of Suicide Squad, tape from 2016, where a new photo of the Joker stands out

The first version of Suicide Squad, directed by filmmaker David Ayer, continues to generate conversation topics, both for the social media campaign that supports the launch of the director’s cut, as well as for the new images that have come to light, highlighting Joker

Through his stories on Instagram, director David Ayer shared two never-before-seen behind-the-scenes images of Suicide Squad, a film that premiered in 2016.

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The first image corresponds to one of the Joker’s henchmen, who helps him in the kidnapping of Doctor Van Criss, the director of a Wayne Enterprises division, who developed the nano-bombs with which Amanda Waller can kill the team members. .

Joker tops new Suicide Squad unreleased stills
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While in the second Jared Leto is seen, playing Joker, in the scene where he is in his lair. Joker finds out about Harley Quinn’s transfer to her mission to Midway City

Will the Yesterday Cut be a reality?

After revealing the existence of the Suicide Squad director’s cut, David Ayer himself has been in charge of revealing some of his original ideas.

Sure there is. And it is almost complete except for some visual effects ”, confirmed Yesterday on social networks, in perfect Spanish.

The same filmmaker pointed out months ago that his original idea for Suicide Squad was the perfect entry for Justice League.

We Synchronized Stories: Suicide Squad was the entry ramp for Justice League, which was a much more ambitious two-part movie arc with impressive scope. Suicide Squad was the appetizer for Zack’s epic. ‘The best plans’ as they say“, Wrote Yesterday in a twitter message.

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