John Cena asked Nintendo for a 2D Metroid before Dread

John Cena asked Nintendo for a 2D Metroid before Dread

For a long time, Metroid fans have been waiting for a new installment in 2D and John Cena was one of those fans, because a curious fact has just been revealed that proves it. Apparently, in a session that Nintendo and John Cena in 2017 the fighter told Nintendo representatives how much he wanted a new Metroids in 2Dyears before we knew about Metroid Dread.

In 2017 Nintendo and John Cena collaborated to promote the Nintendo Switch, which at that time was a console that had barely reached the market and had a small library. According to Dan Ryckert from Giant Bomb, in this session Cena took the opportunity to say how much he wanted a new 2D Metroid game:

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Apparently John Cena left such an impression on Nintendo employees that they didn’t forget that he is a Metroid fan and they sent him a copy of Metroid Dread in October of last year, during its launch. John Cena’s team responded to Nintendo in an email, saying “John loves him,” referring to Metroid Dread.

Krysta Yang, who used to work for Nintendo of America back then and was present at the shoot, confirmed Ryckert’s anecdote and shared a photo she took with John Cena that day. “He did say that he was a big fan of Metroid,” Yang said via her Twitter account.

It is well known that John Cena is not only a fan of video games, but that he has a special place for those of Nintendo, as he has shown with some pieces of official merchandise that he has presented in his time as a fighter.

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John Cena is not the only fan of video games, especially talking about Nintendo, because a couple of months ago Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was his favorite game in the series, while that Ocarina of Time is Cody Rhodes’ favorite.