Jessica Nigri makes us fall in love with her own version of Ranni from Elden Ring

Jessica Nigri makes us fall in love with her own version of Ranni from Elden Ring

The cosplayer community has great appreciation for many of the most popular titles of the moment in the Video Game Industry, so we can see artists and models from all over the world, performing amazing characterizations of their favorite characters.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that today we will enter a cosplay inspired by the theme of Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s popular open world video game, more specifically, in the female character of the Lunar Princess Ranni.

Browsing through Instagram, we have come across one of the most recent publications of the dazzling cosplayer Jessica Nigri, who has shown us a truly unique characterization on her official Instagram account, in this we can see what Ranni would look like in the real life.

Jessica Nigri is an amazing model that you probably already know, and who always draws everyone’s attention with her great cosplay and photos, where she shows us many of her completed works. She is a girl who has been popular for a long time, she has an interesting style and a wide variety of cosplays, a result that she deserves to be admired.

In her cosplay today, she portrays us Lunar Princess Ranni, also known as the Snow Witch, she is a mysterious woman with four arms in the Elden Ring. Ranni is the daughter of Radagon and Queen Rennala. Radagon would eventually leave his wife, and after marrying Queen Marika, Ranni would be elevated to demigod status.

She had a teacher named Snow Witch, who taught her the many cold-based spells she uses today and also to fear the Dark Moon. Ranni’s doll-like appearance is said to have been inspired by her late teacher, Jessica Nigri managed to perfectly recreate this character’s look. We hope that this work has been to your liking, and please, continue on eGames News.

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