Jennifer McMorrow cosplays Mary Jane from Spider-Man

Jennifer McMorrow cosplays Mary Jane from Spider-Man

Spider-Man content has not stopped for a long time and thanks to that his popularity is at an all-time high, especially after the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home and the announcement of Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac Games. For this reason we present you the cosplay of mary jane that the Mexican cosplayer did Jennifer McMorrow.

The first time we saw Jennifer in her Mary Jane cosplay was a couple of years ago, before the hype for the latest Spider-Man movie in the MCU exploded. Jennifer’s cosplay looks like Mary Jane on the cover of Scott Campbell’s Spider-Man #601.

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All the photographs that she has shared in her Mary Jane cosplay were taken by the Guadalajara photographer Ángel Velázquez, who specializes in wedding photographs but portrayed Jennifer’s cosplay very well.

Jennifer accompanies each post of her Mary Jane cosplays with a quote from the character, usually talking to Peter Parker about their life together and why she’s in love with him. There is no doubt that Jennifer is a fan of the character, and her fans really liked her version of Mary Jane, as we see in her comments.

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Jennifer’s Mary Jane cosplay turned out very well, but it’s not the only one she’s done, so if you like her style, I recommend you follow her on her social networks. In addition to cosplaying as Spider-Man’s girlfriend, Jennifer has posted cosplay photos of other related characters like Spider-Gwen.

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