Jennifer Lawrence stars Don’t look up, the new Netflix movie that will land in the catalog on December 24.

Without a doubt, Jennifer Lawrence is one of the actresses of the new generation that is impacting Hollywood and viewers. From her beginnings in The Hunger Games, the interpreter showed that she has great talent and a lot of versatility. In this way, we have seen her face very challenging characters and she has always faced them perfectly. He will try the same with Do not look up, the new Netflix movie that seeks to win the applause of the audience.

During an interview (via Yahoo!), Adam McKay unveiled a very important detail about Don’t Look Up, his new movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio. “Can I count it?” the filmmaker asked the actress. “I think so, but no one tells my mother-in-law”, she replied.

Marijuana on set

Jennifer Lawrence asked Adam McKay for permission to smoke marijuana before doing a scene with Meryl Streep, who plays the president of the United States in this apocalyptic satire. “Because my character was placed in the movie”explained the actress to justify why she did it.

“Jen said, ‘Are you going to make me improvise something?” Which is something we always do. And I said, “No, you can get high.” He kept looking at the script and saying, “I just want to say, Hey Jen, I think I just came up with a monologue for you.” And I would look at Jen and think, I can’t do it. It would be too cruel. So I left you alone ”, commented the filmmaker. For her part, the actress revealed that Johan Hill teased her because she did not understand anything that was happening around her.

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Don’t Look Up will open in select theaters on December 10. On Netflix it can be seen from December 24.