In principle, the aerodynamic shape required by a ship of these characteristics is very specific, however, for many, the penis shape of the ship that took Bezos into space was very evident.

Because for each moment and each place, The Simpsons already lived it. So Jeff Bezos’s space experience is hardly less impressive than what Homer went through.

It’s too early to tell, but have Bezos and the rest of the crew returned with superpowers?

Recall that the price paid at auction for one of the seats for this trip was $ 28 million. Well, it is quite less than what it would cost you to buy the presidential plane of Mexico of about 130 million dollars (2.4 billion pesos), but if you get excited about going to the mall in McAllen, to “populate” to Tepoztlán or a back through Chapala, I think we will have to save a few (many) years.

Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the city“I had” the hare, “but perhaps the Blue Origin will become a sex toy with out-of-this-world scope.

No, it is not a closed circuit camera, it is part of the movie “Austin Powers”.

It seems that he was a fan of the villain of the Austin Powers saga, Dr. Evil, the accumulation of evidence gives him away.

Because let’s remember that this is a multimillionaire race, Branson already did it a few weeks ago, now Bezos and Elon Musk?

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