Japanese gets drunk and makes a very serious mistake

Japanese gets drunk and makes a very serious mistake

Something that has happened to most people when they reach adulthood is to go over drinks or beers, resulting in losing the keys to the house, some cash or even getting an embarrassing tattoo in a moment of madness. . However, in Japan it went one level further, with a person who made a really serious mistake.

The city officials Nagasaki They had to publicly apologize to the citizens, because one of their workers lost his job. USB with data from the entire population. This was disclosed to the police by the person in charge, who lost important data such as names, dates of birth, addresses, bank details and more.


The subject told the officers that he lost his memory bag after going to a restaurant, where he got drunk and left the following hours to lie on the street. According to his statement, he carried this information with him from the municipal administration, since a transfer of all the data was needed.

For his part, everything ended positively, since a few hours later the official’s bag was recovered, this in an apartment complex located a few minutes from the scene of the events. Another thing that managed to comfort people was that the files were encrypted, with a password to access all internal data.

Via: Asahi

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