January 10-16, 2022

January 10-16, 2022

We are fully immersed in the new year and video on demand platforms continue to offer us content to liven up our leisure time. In that sense, today we tell you everything that is new this week on Netflix, running from January 10-16, 2022 and that adds a fortnight of novelties including movies and series, many of them original from Netflix in its production companies throughout the world. We recommend two of these contents before giving way to a very complete list.

The Journalist – January 13

Given the success they are reaping on the platform, more and more Netflix is ​​betting on Asian-produced content. This is the case of La journalista, a Japanese series remake of a 2019 film that tells us about Anna Matsuda, a journalist from the Toto Newspaper, known as the rebel of the news media, who tries to expose all the problems of the current Japanese society.

Archive 81 – January 14

File 81 is Netflix’s new commitment to horror in series. This episodic fiction of American production tells us about a man who is hired to restore a collection of tapes. However, this archivist ends up turning the work and research of a filmmaker into the object of a dangerous cult.

We already know when the third season of The Witcher would premiere

All this week’s premieres on Netflix

  • Operation Ecstasy S3 (10/01)
  • The origin of the world (11/01)
  • How I fell in love with a gangster (01/12)
  • Cheer T2 (12/01)
  • Shaman King (01/13)
  • The chosen one (01/13)
  • The journalist (01/13)
  • Shameless (01/13)
  • The Photocopier (01/13)
  • Riverdance: The Animated Adventure (01/14)
  • The Comedian (01/14)
  • After Life S3 (01/14)
  • File 81 (01/14)
  • These black eyes (01/14)
  • The house (01/14)
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